Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Unhooking the Custom Domain in 3...2...1...

Hi All,

I still live, all is well, and while this blog is barely alive, it will continue. As I said in a prior post, I'm not paying for hosting a custom domain I'm not using for actually making money, so I'll be at going forward. Just searching on Bossy Little Dogs on the Google machine should still find me, I think.

Back soon. I swear.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Announcement to My Many Tens of Readers: is going away. The blog itself isn't going away. I've just decided to stop paying for hosting on a third party site, because I've never been able to overcome my squeamishness about letting Google pick my ads: talk about being a grandma, the sidebar ads are for incontinence products and phones for old politics and sketchy ads for mock polls like "Do you support Trump"", etc. So, if you have bookmarked, please change your link to, the original address. Right now that address is redirected to the domain so you'll get there either way, but yeah, I can't justify paying for hosting when I'm not making a dime off this sad little neglected blog. Not to mention that my water bill just doubled (a court challenge is imminent on that bullshit) and my condo dues are about to increase again, and yet, I still make no more money. Oh, and I tried to switch auto insurance carriers. I've been with the cute gecko for years, and lately my premiums have gone up with every renewal, though I have a spotless driving record and drive a common as dirt used vehicle. I found an alternative that would lower my annual premium by $600 with better coverage and tried to make that happen, but they're not writing policies here now, because my county is still under a flood alert. Nothing is flooded. I don't live on the river, or a lake. But the flood alert is still in place for the entire county because water levels on lakes and streams are still higher than normal, and that means insurance companies aren't writing policies here. So I had to take money out of my ever-dwindling emergency fund to pay the gecko. I'll switch when the flood warning is dropped and other carriers will write in my county again, and get a refund, but still, that was a startling amount of money out of pocket. My cost of living goes ever higher, while my income remains the same. So yeah, the vanity plate equivalent domain name will no longer be hosted.


But boy howdy, yesterday was a GOOD DAY in Resistance World, and a model for how we fix this shit. And the answer isn't "Sit down with a Trump Voter and Try to Understand His/Her Angst, because we need to bring them into the light." NOPE. Fuck that. If they now regret their vote, let them quietly take stock of their lives and vow to do better, and leave them alone with their shame. If they still support him, fuck them, they are hopeless. They're just shitty people mired in their own toxic stew of Fox News fueled racism and resentment, but that's fine. Let 'em rot in it. They are the 33-36% that we just have to accept as baggage. They just don't understand how this country works.

We need to focus on the people who didn't vote last year, and make sure they do. A whole lot of eligible voters sat it out last year, and that's why we are where we are. Yes, of course Russia had a huge thumb on the scale for Trump, but last night was the model for going forward, and it's turnout, turnout, turnout. Russian bots are still active on Facebook and Twitter. Fake ads and dark money still flowed on the GOP side. But people got out and knocked on doors, made calls, made connections, drove people who didn't have rides to the polls if they needed a lift. And the GOP got their asses kicked up and down the ticket, all over the country. Never mind the awesome wins in VA and NJ, freakin' Helena, Montana elected a Liberian refugee as mayor. And many state houses got way more colorful and female, and that's the blueprint for how we fix this mess.

Focus on turnout, focus on issues that matter, like jobs and health care, and 2018 can be a rout like last night. But it's going to require a huge freaking turnout, because gerrymandering and voter suppression aren't going to get fixed in our current almost cartoonishly corrupt, GOP-controlled Congress. And I am committing today to pick a campaign to volunteer for - I have an embarrassment of riches, with a senator and a representative I'd like to see go back to DC, and an underdog candidate for FL governor that seems like he could shake things up, and knows Tallahassee.

Be patient with us, world. We had a really unfortunate, embarrassing accident in our government, but last night was proof that we are committed to cleaning this shit up and taking out the trash. This has been an absolutely awful year, but last night was an incredibly positive first step forward.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Six Years?

October 12, 2011. She arrived.

And embarked on her path toward world domination. Delaney is six today. She's fierce, funny, very smart, thoughtful and inquisitive, and an all-around delightful kid. Who has her first professional head shot already.

Her dance studio team has professional head shots. She's on the junior team, but still, they have head shots and a team jacket, and this is a thing. At SIX. I can't imagine doing this at six a thousand years ago when I was six. There was dance school stuff, yes, but not at this level, and I never did it.

And she LOVES THIS SO MUCH, it's her passion. She choreographs herself to any music she hears, she'll get up and dance to anything with a beat, she can't help herself. Her parents are supportive but not pushing; no stage mom/dad there. They are just along for the ride. If she gets tired of it and wants to do karate or chess, they'd be fine with that, but it appears that she is a dancer. She already announced that she wants to become one of the big girls who help with the little kids at the studio.

Oh and just BTW, she's also a Girl Scout.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I just cannot even - UPDATED

I have a rant that is entirely unrelated to the end of America as we know it, or maybe not, too soon to tell. Today the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would "allow" girls to join! OMG!!! Girls don't have to have their own amazing, empowering girl-focused organization called the GIRL SCOUTS! Oh, why settle for that, when now they can join "separate but equal" (the initial concept is gendered Cub dens) groups in an organization that has been very obviously geared toward boys (and increasingly tied to Christian churches) since its inception.

The Girls Scouts are politely, professionally pissed, baby, and righteously so. This is a devaluing of girls, and I'm pissed as hell, and hoping this concept crashes and burns hard and fast, as I think it will. Girl Scouts are about girls, and the organization has evolved into a really cool 21st century organization that offers badges in stuff like cybersecurity, and has a social conscience. There is absolutely nothing girls can get from the BSA that they can't get from their own, existing scouting organization, except that preparation for playing second fiddle to the boys. So I'm annoyed with the BSA's move, but anticipate it failing quietly and being abandoned in a year. But I'm offended by the idea that the BSA thought this was something the public was clamoring for, because at the heart of this vote is the concept that the Boy Scouts are THE official face of Scouting, and Girl Scouts are second class, and basically, it just doesn't get more blatantly misogynist than that.

And my daughter has followed her mother's path as Seriously Overscheduled Working Mom Willing to Be Troop Leader for Delaney's Daisy troop, and their first meeting is this Saturday.
And Grandma/former Daisy leader is going to do the security check so I can tag along on field trips if they sound fun I'm needed. It took this dick move by the BSA to make me a gung-ho Girl Scout Grandma.

Thanks to Kimmen for this Girls, Don't Become Boy Scouts. What she said.


Delaney's Endless F*cking Blanket shall not defeat me. I'm about, oh, three more rows of stripes from done:

But those stripes are getting really long. Like, really long. I'm happy with how it's turning out, though. I was skeptical about her color selection at first, it seemed pretty garish, but I have to admit it's pretty now. The dark stripe is actually purple, though it photographed more like navy blue. As summer refuses to let go here and the heat index is still over 100 working on this for her is truly a labor of love, or insanity. Even with the AC running full blast, it's a sweaty job.

So far, my great ambitions for October haven't panned out as I'd hoped. September and Irma drained my energy and my bank account, but things are looking up. I finally caved and downloaded You Need a Budget and have been playing with it, getting it set up. I'm still figuring it out, but it does seem fun to use. I've had a Mint account for years and sort of carried my budget around in my head and that has worked okay...sort of...but I'm determined to get more specific about my money management. September was an expensive month in so many ways, thanks IRMA, that it left me stressed and depressed about my cash flow issues. So, yesterday I decided to call my mortgage company about a forbearance - because we are officially a disaster area (the entire country is at this point, I swear) I could get a short term waiver of my mortgage payments.

I called my mortgage company to ask, expecting them to waive a month or two at most, and expecting it to be a more onerous process, and in five minutes flat I got a four month break from payments! It truly was a load off my mind, because after AC repair and replacing ALL the food in the fridge and the garage door is still stuck shut and I can't fix it myself and still have to call a's been a barrage of unexpected expenses I'm still struggling to absorb. My emergency funds are seriously depleted, my Discover card balance is alarmingly high, and I know I came out of this relatively unscathed. I know people dealing with serious structural damage to their homes who are getting the runaround from insurance and FEMA, so I'm not complaining, just working through the issues.

And that's where YNAB comes in, though I am still finding it confusing at the moment. They really do have an extensive support system, including lots of webinars, and I'm taking advantage of those. I'll figure it out, and I do think it will be really helpful in a way Mint is not. Mint is more hands-off; it's a quick overview of account balances and such, and you CAN make a budget in it, but you can't quickly adjust money between categories. Once I get YNAB figured out and set up properly I think it'll actually be fun to use, and I never thought I'd use "budgeting" and "fun" in the same sentence, but so far I'm actually enjoying figuring it out.

And I guess it says something about my life at the moment that I find budgeting software "fun." I need a better definition of fun, don't I?