Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Funny

Seven Deadly Sins - also check out the Ulterior Votive candles, especially the comments added to reflect recent events. (Cube-dweller warning: this page has music, and it's pretty annoying.)

It's a rather ho-hum Friday, but boring is okay w/me. I'm chugging along on the top-down cardigan, I finished the god-awful boring shoulder portion and am working my way down the first sleeve. I feel like I'm flying now, by Sunday I should have pictures of something that actually looks like a cardigan instead of a beige rag.

Garnet Hill faithfully sends me copies of their catalog, though I can't afford anything in it these days. But they have a couple of graceful full skirts in there that really caught my eye. I was glad to see that a far more, uh, economical source: Newport News is also on the feminine full skirt bandwagon.

So this relates directly two two issues near and dear to my heart. I love the look of these skirts and would wear them everywhere, but a full skirt on a wider waist creates an unfortunate lampshade effect, so regaining (relosing?) the waistline of my, if not youth, at least early middle age (I had my most perfect body at 35-37, before my work life introduced business travel and lunches). Getting back in shape is now an even more exciting prospect - I love the clothes this season!

And of course, what would look better with these lovely girly skirts than something summery and sleeveless? So I think my first purchase from the new yarn store will be this Berroco book, which has three or four nice summery tops I'd definitely wear. I like Marijke and Margaux the best - though Margaux is more a casual Friday with jeans item. Marijke is definitely office-ready.

So these catalogs are the kick in the ass I needed this week - I'm doing very well on the diet, but work has sapped my energy so much I have not worked out the way I promised myself. I slept badly for a couple of nights, but last night I went to bed early and got a luxurious 8 hours, until Murphy announced a bladder emergency shortly before the alarm went off. Today I will get out of the office early and put in an hour at the gym.

Happy Friday!

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