Monday, January 17, 2005

The installers will be here between 11 and 2...

my ass. 2 comes and goes. No carpet. I called after 3, and was left on hold for quite some time while Home Despot tracked down their contractors. That was at 3:45. I was told "they'll be here within a half hour." Now, I suck at math, but wouldn't that be "by 4:15?" It's almost 5. No carpet. I called at 5, and get a call back from the installer's supervisor, who says the installer told him he WAS at the second job. Uh, NOT! I was the second job! It's now almost six, I burned a vacation day for no reason, I still have no carpet, and I'll have to go through this all over again. I am SO very pissed off. Next time I get a guaranteed arrival time, dude. Fool me once, shame on you.... This is not HD's fault, they use good subcontractors and they are normally excellent, but this one owes me, bigtime.

I cannot catch a break lately. I had the day all planned, other tasks I needed to do, then I'd go to the gym, etc. The promise of "He'll be here soon," all day, and then the day is gone and all I've done is manage a few inches on that Laptop Sweater from Hip to Knit. I'm not sure about the flap. I think that as designed it will allow the corners of the laptop to stick out, because the flap is narrower than the rest of the bag. I'm hoping that blocking plus button placement can deal with that. It looks like a quick project, but 140 pattern stitches for 2.5 inches each is really not all that speedy. I do hope it's worth it when it's done. So far it's cute, and, just like trying on a toe-up sock, I slipped Baby into it and it fits her nicely. I made the larger size because my Dell Inspirion 1150 is just slightly smaller in all dimensions than the larger size in the pattern, and we all know too tight is not flattering. Neither is baggy. I think this will fit.

I was going to link to all the stuff Kerstin linked to, but she beat me to it so I only have to link to her. She also has a great idea for Thursday on her knitting blog. I'm going to do it, as well as not spend any money that day. This concept created some controversy on KR, which I frankly still do not get - I could certainly understand someone with a perishable product, like a bakery, fretting a bit over a slow day, but for most people what they don't buy on Thursday will be purchased on Friday. It's not about a boycott or "hurting sales" in that sense, and it's really no different than a weather-related "everybody stays home" day.

So Head Carpet Guy called back and tried to reschedule for Wed-Fri. I said no, I already blew one vacation day, I can't waste another on this. Okay, how about Saturday? Saturday after 12. I'll call my guy. Uh, how about Sunday? Sunday it is, do it Sunday, DAMN! Just do it. The contents of two rooms and three closet floors are now sitting around in my living room for the entire week. Not to mention the yarn in the bedroom.

On the other subject I shall Say No More for now - except that now when my phone rings, I scream, "FUCK!" and the dog barks in annoyance.


Geogrrl said...

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

The fact that you managed to reschedule without threatening to rearrange someone's anatomy I regard as a minor miracle. I'm glad you let the guy know that your day was wasted--and you were not pleased. However, such is the joy of subcontractors.

On the other subject, well, you can try turning off your phone for a while, or get an unlisted number, or get a second number, or... ;-D

Catherine said...

Aerial spraying of her neighborhood with Xanax? :-) Hundreds of offspring of the other retirees would thank me, I'm sure.

As for the carpet, I have never had a bad experience with HD's contractors before, but I'm definitely going to let them know my dissatisfaction with these guys. I am FIRST on the install list for Sunday, and they better be here by 8 a.m. with bright, shiny faces, and done and out of here by noon. This is a very simple, straightforward installation, not a lot of furniture to move, nothing, I've done all the prep work. If I lose half my weekend to this relatively small job I will go off on somebody's ass.

Geogrrl said...

Aerial spraying of the neighbourhood with Xanax. Now THERE's an idea. :-D