Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More Human Intelligence

My homepage links to various wire service news headlines, and this morning's made me sigh: "Bush Says We Need More Human Intelligence." We definitely needed it in the White House, but we're stuck with C+ Augustus. (The upside of the election debacle is that I've found lots of great online reading that cheers me - media spin aside, the entire country didn't really degenerate into mouth-breathing morons. I have developed a crush on Eric Alterman.)

Another Washington Post story worth the bother of registration: Don't Ask, Don't Think. It does make your head hurt.

The kicker to the carpet installer story - I'm at my desk yesterday, a little after 9, and a heavily-accented voice called and said he was from Home Depot and he was coming to install my carpet. I said, "No, because you didn't come yesterday we had to reschedule for Sunday!" Dead silence on the other end. I realized that this sentence structure was beyond his English, so I re-phrased and said slowly, "The appointment is for Sunday." "Sunday?" "Yes, Sunday." "Oh." Muttering under breath, he hangs up.

What are the odds that I will get carpet on Sunday?

I'm going out with friends tonight. I should be going to the gym, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

After Monday's knit-a-thon waiting for carpet, I let my wrist rest yesterday. It's not doing too badly, but I do get twinges if I overdo, and a weekend of painting followed by a Monday of knitting wasn't good.

Look at the time, it's already 6:15! I need to get into the shower and get moving. Happy Wednesday.

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