Saturday, January 08, 2005

Please Don't Eat the

daisies roses. Just get the hell off the vanity, cat!

My next-door neighbor, owner of the offending biting dog, left lovely roses outside my door on Thursday, with a note from the offending dog, saying she has been sent to puppy boot camp and will come home a changed canine. The roses really are lovely:

Because the Girchild's cat can't resist a fresh flower salad, (or fresh herbs, or any other green, plant-like thing, including silk flowers, those she eats for spite and pukes immediately) I put them on the bathroom vanity (in case you couldn't guess that location) so that if she does dump the vase and roses when I'm not looking, at least she will not drown anything not easily cleaned up, and I can hide them in the bathroom when I'm not home.

By some miracle she left the roses alone for almost two days, but this morning Murphy went into the bedroom and erupted in frenzied tattletale barking - that Bad Cat was nibbling a rose. Murphy is so totally the rotten little tattletale kid brother with the cats - he knew she shouldn't have been messing with Mommy's flowers, and he screamed bloody murder about it. She hasn't gone near them since he tattled, but I put them in the bathroom when I went out. She cannot be trusted.

When I thanked my neighbor for the roses, she said that she is also installing Invisible Fence. I am not a big fan of either shipping a dog off for training OR invisible fencing. I think a dog has to learn the rules of ettiquette on its own turf, with its own people, and boot camp does not teach that. I've seen dogs who thought a zap from invisible fence was the price one had to pay to get out of the yard, sort of like a tollbooth. So it's not what I would have done with this issue if I were in her shoes, but she IS trying, so I give her credit for that.

Oh, and speaking of dogs, we had another "Retractable leashes are evil" encounter on the lake walk this morning. A man approached from the other direction, walking some fluffy white thing, maybe it was a bichon. Anyway, I yielded the sidewalk when my doggy vibes told me this dog was trouble - I hadn't even noticed the retractable leash at that point. Murphy and I veered off into the drainage swale, despite it being kinda damp there. The man approached and sure as shit, the dog lunged, growling and snarling - and the man just sort of stopped and LET it lunge and snarl, until something penetrated his thick skull that his dog was trying to attack my dog. Then he reeled it in and said, "What are you doing?" to the dog. No apologies to me. I'm glad I took Murphy out of retractable leash range, or I might have had to beat the shit out of a fat guy with a nasty dog before breakfast. I'm so over these assholes and their retractable leashes and their vile dogs. I keep Murphy on a six foot leather lead, not for other dogs' safety but for his own. I'm really getting militantly anti-retractable lead. They are dangerously stupid devices.

Yoga was good. Very good. I am frankly yoga-resistant at this point, owing to some bad experiences with pale, blond, pubic-hair bearded, extremely scrawny white men in turbans, whose absurd appearance made it impossible to take anything seriously. I really don't like it when very, very white, very very Western people try to pretend to be something that they obviously are not. This place is not like that. The instructor was down-to-earth and natural and did not make me want to laugh. The class went overtime, we were there for over 2 hours, and I did not have the urge to check the clock and figure out when I could escape. That alone says something.

I am going to bed very, very early. I will probably manage a few rows on the shrug before I pass out. Tomorrow I may make it to the gym for a treadmill session. Oooh, the gym!

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