Saturday, January 29, 2005


Sprinkler Guy was two hours late, killing a trip to the gym, and then brightened my day further by saying a new sprinkler system will be $1800. I need to get another estimate or two. Oh, and the pond is a deep and smelly green, because that pump I bought last summer is already kaput. Pump, we hardly knew ye. But we know ye were a piece o' shit and we won't buy another one like ye. And I still haven't trapped a roofer despite flinging my net a few times, but that will be close to ten grand when we're all done. You know, when you're in your mid-40s you expect to be past contemplating taking the spaghetti sauce jar of spare change to Coinstar to get you through until your next payday. Christ. It's not quite that bad, I'm a highly efficient money manager and I can swap stuff around and cut expenses and tap the home equity line and so forth, but damn, at this rate I will never retire.

So what's a girl to do but go to the yarn shop? Knit! had four or five customers when I got there. They are planning a weekday evening stitchnbitch, and, God bless them, they are open for a few hours on Sunday afternoon! They are definitely leaning toward the high end, lots of Trendsetter and Fiesta and such, lovely stuff but pricey. I would knit with nothing but Fiesta if I win the lottery tonight, but that's what it would take. Did I buy anything? Dumb question. I bought the book and yarn for the Margaux sleeveless tank, coincidentally in the color in the photo. It was a toss-up between that and the Zodiac tank. Somehow Margaux called to me, and I love the feel of that Denim Silk. I'm happy that this shop is catering to lightweight yarns suitable for the climate. Denim Silk in that pattern will be totally wearable in August. Though I think they could take the novelty yarns down a notch. The owners aren't that into them either, but they know what sells. Judging by the traffic today, I think they may do okay. I'll check out the SnB when it starts, it's so close to home how could I resist?

I also bought size 1 circs so I can play with socks on two circulars. I have the book, I have a shitload of sock yarn, I have just never bothered, because my dpns and I get along just fine. But whatthehell, if it's faster and I'm less likely to drop a dpn somewhere inconvenient, I'm in. I have a few road trips lined up for February and March, it sounds like sock time.

But not those self-striping Things. They are going to the frog pond. I keep looking at them. I am still not enthralled. They are not that interesting. They are not that good-looking. They are not at all exciting. If these socks were men, they would begin haunting my cubicle. Goodbye socks. I have sock yarn I actually LIKE and would want to date wear.

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