Saturday, January 22, 2005

Two Posts in One Day

Oh my God, this has been a Day. Parental stress call, followed by locking myself out of my house and having to climb in a window. (This was distressingly easy to do, and led to adding additional lockage to the windows.) Yoga was good, yet my mother is 3 for 3 on calling me right before yoga, I was actually reaching for the phone to turn it off when it rang. It's creepy, but it just shows that emotional vampires really are psychic. The less said about that conversation the better. Yoga was good - I remain amazed that this class holds my interest no matter how much Extreme Stress I feel as I walk in the door.

Stand by for Actual Knitting Content!

So I'm driving back from yoga and see a sign I've never seen before. It just says, "KNIT!" Well, who could drive past THAT? I did, actually, but it nagged at me as I bought necessities in Target, so I just happened to go a couple of miles out of my way to see what was going on.

A new yarn shop has opened, my dears. It is called KNIT! and it is a really FINE new yarn shop. Lovely, bright, well-lit, friendly, comfy. It is at most 10 minutes from my living room sofa. I am in shock, in delight, and I see big problems here. I was in lust when I walked in the door. It had just opened yesterday and the owner was still putting out stock, but already the vibes were good - places to sit, a big sunny worktable, and a great wall of really primo yarns, stuff I'd admired online but hadn't fondled with my own grubby hands, and, best of all yarns that are geared toward Florida knitting. Lots of Berroco, including their new Zodiac, which is delightful - the shop sample sleeveless top was light and soft and had a rich sheen, definitely "office wear with a skirt" kind of classy. Lots of my beloved Zen and Suede and Denim Silk and every shade of Cotton Twist under the sun.

Lots of Trendsetter - I'm not as familiar with their yarns, but they were delicious. I am totally not into the novelty yarn scarf thing, but she had a shop sample that was so light and feathery and silky soft and adorable, I had to pet it, and now I'm actually thinking I see the appeal. I'd wear that, for sure.

Yes, I have taken the vow of yarn poverty, a yarn fast, total fibery deprivation - but...damn. A girl has to live a little. I know this is unbelievable, but I walked out of there empty-handed - only because I want to plan and decide what I really need before I go back and indulge. She didn't have all the stock out yet. Next Saturday, after yoga, that will be a different story.

Anyone in the Northwest Orlando area needing directions/details, speak up. This shop has great potential and I really hope they succeed.

Vogue Knitting arrived in today's mail, and I haven't done more than flip through it yet, but I saw the article on Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark, THAT Karen Allen) and flipped to that first. I was dreading another Celebrity Knitter barf piece, "Oh, someday I may actually learn to purl!" The photos and a quick skim of the article knocked me out - obviously Karen Allen is a very serious, very talented knitter - who knew? I can't wait to curl up with the magazine after dinner and read it thoroughly.

I'm still having twinges of pain in my right hand, and while screwing around doing strictly work-related online research the other day, I found this site: I ordered a wrist support for my right hand and a beanbag-type mouse support thing for my left wrist, lest I end up screwed up on BOTH sides. I'll let you know what they're like when I get them.

Carpet is supposedly on for tomorrow, bright and early. Fingers crossed....


Anonymous said...

Woot! That tears it. Time for a road trip up your way.
I was just ogling the Zodiac at my LYS today, funny you should mention that. Isn't it great? and I, too, found a not new but previously unknown to me sort of gift shop with yarn place 15 minutes from my house in Coral Gables. ! Kureyon and magazines and needles and an odd seletion of crap yarn and great yarn, though limited. Definitely something for when I don't feel like driving to the big lys.
Hugs on the parental unit drama...I've been there, I AM there...
all the best,

Catherine said...

Girlfriend, I was going to let you know that there are beaucoups depositions in Miami in the near future and I will be in on at least a few of them if we don't settle out on my pet case. If you make it up this way let me know, between "Sip and Knit" in Winter Park and Knit! in Sweetwater serious damage can be done. Knit is just getting up and rolling but it's a really nice, airy room with good Florida-type yarn. Zodiac knits up REALLY nice, I was sold after seeing the shop sample.

Anonymous said...

Yer on! Let me know when you're headed down here and we can plan on meeting up. fyi, my email is dcgaudy@bellsouth(dot)net. I need to put the car in the shop for a checkup (it's 19 yrs old,heh) before I head up there...