Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday Miscellany

End Timers and Neo-Cons, found via Eric Alterman.

I'm working on a new pair of socks, in an early-era self-striping yarn that has been in my stash for, oh, 3 years, maybe longer? The label is in German, (and I can't find it at the moment or remember what brand yarn it is - Opal, I believe) so I'm not sure what sort of pattern these self-stripes are supposed to form, and I haven't decided yet whether the resulting pattern is "interesting" or plain fugly.

And, in a shining example of why my office is the cause of my weight gain, not my at-home eating - yesterday we did P.F. Chang's takeout for lunch (I had the lettuce wrap appetizer instead of an entree) followed by chocolate cupcakes (I had none). Ordinarily I'd have gone for kung pao shrimp and at least one wee cupcake, just to be sociable, you know. I don't need to look outside my work environment to find out why I have had such trouble losing this weight. This is fairly typical for a week in my office, there will be at least one highly caloric working lunch, sometimes two. The other days I bring a salad, but there's always candy, cupcakes, bagels, or some other temptation in the kitchen. I've been bringing my South Beach Phase 1 breakfast with me to eat at my desk, to silence the call of the bagels. And no, I do not work in an office full of fat people, I work in an office full of trim, young, fitness maniacs whose metabolisms have not slowed to a crawl like mine yet, mixed with a few heavy folks around my age who have surrendered the fight. However, I did hear the younger fit folks discussing their cholesterol levels, so perhaps we'll see an end to the bagelmania by mutual agreement. It would be good for all of us. Eating right the rest of the time has saved me from gaining MORE weight, but it's not hard to see why I've failed to lose as much as I wanted.

I've been asked if I'm doing a yarn reward per pound, or some other system like that. No, I'm not. My first short term goal is a construction law schmoozefest I've been invited to attend in mid-March. I plan to be down at least 10 pounds by then, possibly more, and back in the "good clothes," and stretch this to a long weekend of indulgence. But I'm really looking at this not as a temporary fix but as a long-term adjustment to how I live - less yarn stash, less sedentary, less ME.

Girlchild is inspiring - she has rediscovered the joy of exercise and works out regularly again. We are going to look amazing this summer. Yes, we are.

Gratuitous dog shot, just because he hasn't had enough blog time lately:

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