Saturday, January 29, 2005

WW vs. SB? Yoga vs. Gym?

I'm trying to think how this diet challenge could work - I've been doing SB Phase 1 for almost a week. Monday will be the official one-week weigh-in for me, though I admit I've hopped on the scale a couple of times already, and am pleased to see I'm down 4 lbs. so far. I'm not picturing doing some sort of fierce competition, maybe just a casual running commentary on various issues that come up with making a healthy way of eating part of real life. Both WW and SB are safe, healthy and effective diet plans, I don't think there's a rivalry. I chose South Beach because I starved on WW - I lost weight, but I was hungry all the time. By avoiding certain types of carbohydrates (the ones I shouldn't eat anyway with my family history of heart disease and diabetes) my blood sugar stays stable and I don't get hungry between meals, which helps me eat less and also may stave off some serious medical issues.

I'm losing interest in my yoga class, and seriously considering not going today. I have so much to do around the house, and a sprinkler repair guy coming at 1 to assess the state of my ancient and dysfunctional system. After he's done I could go put in some quality time on the elliptical trainer.

I like the yoga class, I really do, it's a pleasant diversion and certainly relaxing, but somehow it's not clicking with me as something I really would want to do long-term. For instance, I feel supremely unmotivated to practice on my own at home, and I should be practicing. Given the choice between an hour of yoga at home and an hour of cardio and weights at the gym, I would rather go to the gym. I do not leave yoga feeling energized and clear-headed as the instructor says I should, I just feel sort of vague and tired, and impatient to get to the things I didn't get done while spending a total of 2.5 hours driving to, participating, and coming home from the class. And I'd rather watch TV and knit than practice at home.

An hour at the gym (which is five minutes away) leaves me energized and uplifted. Maybe after the gym (which is under new ownership and undergoing massive improvements) starts its yoga classes I'll take them there, because I do feel it's a good balance to weight training.

I'm talking myself out of going to yoga today, aren't I?

And of course, if I don't go to yoga, I could chase cat hair and buy groceries and tidy the house before Sprinkler Guy arrives. And maybe even squeeze in a quick trip to Knit!...hmmmm.... After all, she was still putting out stock when I was there last week, I owe it to the Orlando knitting community to file an updated report, right? Can I rationalize or what?

Actual knitting progress, on the 25 project front - I'm working down the sleeve on the plain top-down raglan cardigan. It's fun, it's easy, it's a no-brainer movie knitting project, and I should have a sleeve knocked out this evening if I don't end up on the phone with the kids again. Evidence that I really am knitting, and it really is as plain and boring as I say it is:

Last night I had JUST hung up the phone with Girlchild - who has developed fitness mania and is working out regularly, thereby helping me stay focused on doing likewise - when it rang again. Boy was checking in and another long chat followed. The Honda dealership "family" he's working with has been offering him a management job and he's thinking about taking it. At first he resisted because the hours are long and he's doing well in sales, but it's starting to make sense to him. He's also considering going back to school for his MBA - yay! I really think he needs to do it - he's good at sales but too damn smart to do it forever, because he will be forever managed by people who don't have his business sense or skills and that will drive him nuts. He's run into this everywhere he has worked, stuff needs to be done right and eventually he ends up the de facto manager, doing what needs to be done without the management salary. He doesn't strive to be the boss, he just backs into it everywhere he goes. He might as well accept this, quit fighting it, get the MBA and get used to wearing a suit and tie as his destiny.

Me, I think it's time to find a rich husband, since winning the lottery isn't working out the way I'd hoped. I'm tired of working and want to hang out at the yarn shop and the gym all day.

Socks: Here's the Opal sock. I'm still not sure if it's funky or fugly.

And here is a cat who really hopes I'm not energetic enough to change the sheets until he's ready to get out of bed:

Shower, groceries, yarn shop, cat hair. Yep, that's the plan. See how easy it was to blow off yoga?

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