Friday, February 25, 2005


I was so worn out from venting, I fell asleep at 9 last night and slept through until 5. This insomniac never does that. I did have weird stress dreams, some work related, (nothing to do with the useless chick, who actually functions on a level well below my stress radar) some weird stuff, but sleep with weird dreams is still better than not sleeping at all, I always say.

Re the job situation: I'm not going to stay and be a martyr, by any means, but Boss and I still want to try to do this together and we're focused on that for now. If that doesn't work, we'll figure out something else, but there is no reason to do anything in haste. I could get another job fairly easily by trolling the local legal agencies, I'm not worried about that, but I don't want to just jump to anywhere. I still like the caseload, the clients and the work I'm doing, for the most part, I just don't consider this place anywhere I would want to settle down long term. Jobs change, particularly when they are inside a big corporate machine. My last job changed from a focus on claims management to "Oh, from now on you will do transactional only!" and that motivated me to leave for this place. This place has now gone off on a mad parody of Office Space, (how do you parody a parody? trust me, they're doing it) and it does not bode well for the quality of our caseload in the future, and that is my real, long-range concern, not this petty stuff. Time to do lunch with people and start shopping for a new home.

But, aside from bursts of annoyance at enfuriating encounters with petty obstructionists like yesterday, I really have stopped giving a rat's ass about the place. I just want to work on my cases, and I get annoyed when the TPS cover sheet queen gets in my way for stupid reasons. Now that is behind me, I have the permission to get the tools I need to manage my document productions, and I can focus on the work again, until the next time somebody gets in my face about something really stupid. There will be a next time, of course. I will rant about it, but ultimately, as long as the clients are happy, so what?

I'm glad it's Friday. I'm glad it's a rainy Friday. I am going to wallow in knitting and books and movies as much as I can this weekend. And Janet, I think I'm going to place an order with KnitPicks - I have been lost to the temptation to try Shimmer, and I do want the second volume of BGW's stitch treasury, which will put me in the free shipping zone. Aaaah, Friday!

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