Sunday, February 13, 2005

Actual Knitting Content!

First, I am glad to see that the Yarn Pimp is posting again, but also a little nervous. It's like putting a Krispy Kreme doughnuts shop on my route to work, with a Hot Yarn Now always on. His descriptions of the new stock is enough to make a yarnaholic fall off the wagon with a loud crash.

But, I am on the 25 projects from the stash program, right? Today I actually worked on two projects - the top down cardigan in an oatmeal colored Plymouth Galway is just as exciting as it sounds! Insomniacs may feel free to pull up this image to induce drowsiness as needed:

There it is, squished onto my desk chair to get whatever natural light I could capture late in the day. Ain't it glamorous? Say what you will about mindless stockinette, there ain't nothing like it for movie knitting. I watched movies today - thanks to my productivity yesterday, major goof-off knitting time was all mine. But because beige is so beige, I had to do something with color. So I finally got on the socks on two circs thing. I hadn't bothered because 1) I didn't own the 24 inch size 1 circs until I bought them at Knit! a couple of weeks ago; and 2) I have no quarrel with my dpns. So after an afternoon of Soaring on Two Circulars, I had this to show for it:

The colors are not true. They are much softer and less clownish than they appear. The yarn is Koigu PPPM, I've lost the ball band so I can't tell you what number. Koigu socks are wonderful, I have a pair that is at least four years old. Granted, I don't wear them all that often, merino is only good a few days a year here, but still, they have survived machine washings with aplomb and only a bit of fuzzing.

But I don't really get the much-touted socks on two circulars advantage. I mean, I can do it, it's not difficult, it makes sense, but it does not seem faster to me. The Arranging on the Circulars does not seem appreciably easier than simply cruising around the double points. I can see the advantage for travel, though - dropping a double pointed size 1 in coach or in a waiting room is not fun at all, and I've done it a few times. And of course if one is truly dpn-phobic, this is a way around it. Otherwise, "soaring" is a vast exaggeration. I'll use it for travel, or anytime I want to stuff a sock in a bag and work on it in a busy public place without worrying about needle droppage, but I have no particular desire to abandon my dpns for this method. It has its advantages, but it's not really that fast.

Oh, btw, my little vent last night apparently caused a posse to form to string up Boss for being an insensitive pig. He has his moments, and that was one of them, but the thing about him is he always comes out of it later and says those three words every woman longs to hear: "You were right." So we remain friends. I will scream at him every time he expresses the opinion that his Burden Is Heavier than Mine, and he will eventually either get it or at least quit fucking saying it because he's tired of being yelled at, and our friendship will endure. We've screamed at each other over way more important things since, uh, the early 90s. But he did piss me off and he did hear about it. All is forgiven now. We are actually totally on the same page re the job change, he just has to whine about it because he's a guy and his life is so much harder than mine. I play my tiny violin for him.

I'm addicted to that Koigu sock. I want to work a few more rows. I wasn't that crazy about the sock patterns in the Socks Soar book either, but there were a couple that looked fun to do - a lacey one and one with vines up the sides. Otherwise, I could have lived a full life without knitting socks on circs. Just my opinion, YMMV.

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caroline said...

am loving the Koigu socks. those colors just light up the oatmeal...and I hope Boss counts his lucky stars he's got you in his life, eh? his wife oughta kiss your feet, too. heh.