Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I made it to the gym, where I did a solid hour of cardio. I'm going to shoot for doing that 5x a week, with weights 3x a week. There's little to no excuse for not doing it - the gym is 5 minutes from my house and I love it there. It's a very comfortable, family place - not women only (have you noticed I have Issues with women only things? Yeah, I do) but not at all "twentysomethings in spandex put on full makeup and wait to get hit on" either. People go there to work out. If they feel like it they socialize. If they don't they mind their own business. And almost half the people there are my age or older than I am, half younger. I am okay with being on the upper end of the age as long as the bell curve falls gracefully. I can't wait until they get up and running in the huge new facility a few doors down, and start yoga and Pilates. I'd rather do Pilates or yoga than just weight machines, but I'm fine with the machines, they'll do.

I feel much better. More like myself. But I'm going to bed at 9 and not pushing my luck. I started dragging this afternoon, the headache came back, but my postnasal drip is dripping merrily (I know, TMI) so I think I have an explanation for the past few days' funk. I wasn't just imagining that my head weighed a ton, it did. Early to bed, much sleep, I may be fully human tomorrow.

Still working on the top down cardigan, but not much because the rows, they are long. Three, four a day, that's about it. Sweater Wizard emailed to say my updated software is in the mail. Yee-haaa!

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