Sunday, February 20, 2005

Double Post Sunday

I need to share the latest shopping PSA - Target has expanded its furniture department and it's great stuff cheap. I don't need any more furniture (until I can afford to replace the very tired living room stuff) but if I did, that's the first place I'd look.

OTOH, I desperately needed some cheap basic bras and they let me down. Everything is either Really Padded or really inadequate. Gilligan and O'Malley used to have a very decent lightly lined low-cut underwire bra that suited me perfectly. I could not find it today. Everything is Padded - I mean, "a Mini-Cooper could crash into your boobs and you'd never feel it" padded. I do not need padding. OTOH, I also do not care for the entirely unlined and natural look at the office - knit tops in extreme office air conditioning, you can do the math. I'm deeply disappointed that I now have to go in search of a new perfect cheap bra source.

And while I'm on the bra rant, why does anybody even make a pull-on sports bra for a C or larger? I am sorry, but I could pull a muscle putting the damn thing on, and I refuse to put The Girls through that gratuitous torture. It's so hard to find a front or back hook basic sports bra that does its job and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. About ten years ago Victoria's Secret sold the world's nicest sports bra - back hook, mesh sides, substantial support, and so comfy I could wear it every day. Now it's all push-up and padding. I guess it's time to spend some serious bra buckage at Title 9 Sports. Great stuff, but it ain't cheap. I'm quite fond of $14.99 bras, when I can find them that fit.

Oh, and I invested in a new sprinkler system - a 75 foot hose and a sprinkler, both on sale. It'll have to do. I can't afford $1800 for the sprinkler system and right now the yard is beyond Jerry Baker and into John Edward territory. "I hear live grass roots down there, they are very weak and want to talk to you! They are saying Send Water!"

I also bought flowers. Long ago, in another galaxy, pre marriage and children - I know, it's difficult to imagine I had a life pre marriage and children - I used to treat myself to fresh flowers - basic cheap carnations, but they were a nice touch of something pretty. I noted today that I went out of town overnight and left my V-day flowers on the vanity, and they were heavy on carnations, and nobody ate them. Perhaps Herself only dines on longstemmed roses? So I picked up some bunches of colorful and cheap carnations at the supermarket, and I really like looking at my dresser and seeing a vase with fuschia and, uh, carnation pink carnations - it's so simple, so tasteful, so Anthropologie. I am trying to work more Anthropologie style into my life, (though in my case my personal style is more like Anthropoverty). I hope that damn cat doesn't let me down. I like flowers.

Speaking of Anthropoverty, I am itching to pull out the sewing machine and really master it, so I can whip up (hah) some lovely chintz skirts to wear with my nifty little knitted tanks I haven't made yet either. Yet I spent today buying cat litter and my redneck "sprinkler system," cleaning a pond, dragging hoses around the yard, doing laundry, bagging trash, and haven't touched a needle, knitting or otherwise. Heavy Sigh.

And tomorrow is Monday and I did not win the lottery. Lovely afternoons sewing chintz things at my kitchen table must wait. A few more rows on the top-down cardie are do-able. I'll settle for that.


Mia said...

I wear a "C'" and prefer the pullover sports bras. But that is only because they do not contain metal bits. Plus I have found that you get waht you pay with bras like other things. I can recommed Title 9 for sports bras though.

Anonymous said...

I have gotten cheap, back closure sports bras at Walmart, before I decided not to shop there anymore. I am a big woman, and they had them pretty big. I have also gotten good bras at Mervyns. They frequently have buy one, get one sales. I think Kohl's is like Mervyns, if you don't have Mervyn's in your area.

Catherine said...

Mia - I've never been bothered by the metal bits! I'd rather have the closure than dislocate something putting it on. Maybe I'm old, but it seems like too much effort.

Anonymous - No Kohl's OR Mervyns here! I'm a 36C or D, depending on the brand, which isn't that large but that over the head thing just doesn't do it for me. I did find a zip-front Jogbra at Target. I've never tried one before. I'm not doing high impact stuff - mostly elliptical trainer and weights - so it should be sufficient.