Saturday, February 19, 2005


Okay, Miami is officially no longer an Overnight Trip. The drive time has increased by at least 25% in both directions, and that's just too much. I can't wrinkle my nose and sniff "Tourists!" either, because while I was crawling along the Turnpike yesterday (it took FOUR HOURS to go from downtown Miami to the PGA Blvd. exit at Palm Beach Gardens) nearly every car had a Florida tag, and mostly local county plates. Can't blame the snowbirds, can't blame the tourists, these people LIVE here. The congestion in South Florida has reached critical mass, and it's now officially unbearable.

The traffic didn't really thin out until north of Indiantown Rd. around Jupiter, and then I put the pedal down, baby. I averaged 85 mph the rest of the way, and got in after 9 last night. I am boycotting Miami unless I can work it as a two night stay, and get up the second morning, eat a leisurely breakfast and get on the road post-rush hour.

The business end of the trip was good, lots of good things were accomplished. I impressed our co-counsel with my technical knowledge of the construction issues - he stared at me and said to Boss, "Oh my God, she's just like Marissa Tomei in 'My Cousin Vinny!'" Yes, I am, thank you. I love that aspect of my job. It was fun, it was interesting, we laughed a lot.

Diet-wise, of course it was a disaster. These working trips are always fueled on cafe con leche and pastry, with a fast food hamburger thrown in for protein. I am sure there is healthy food somewhere in that area, but so far every law office we visit seems to be magically adjacent to an incredible pastry shop, and breakfast is something huge, light and flaky, and full of cream cheese and guava. Not that I'm really complaining, mind you, I don't eat that way at home and damn, it's fabulous. But today I am back on SB Phase 1 and in the gym later, to offset the indulgence.

Knitting - a few rows of the sock, a few rows of the top-down cardigan. Yawn. I got in too late Thursday to knit much, got up too early and got home too late again last night. However, sitting in traffic on the Turnpike gave me some mental stash review/design time. I need to play with the new version of Sweater Wizard this weekend.

Oh, and it's cold again. The other day we were pushing into the low 80s, at this moment it's 42. Maybe I will do some yard work tomorrow. Maybe not. Right now I want lots more coffee.


caroline said...

glad you had a good trip if long. I forgot to tell you that the Boat Show is also going on and that is what probably generated the traffic along with the Arts Festival. All of Miami was either going to or from or trying to get out of town for the long weekend. And out of town usually means going up the east coast to Jupiter or Sebastian Inlet, etc. anyway. hope to catch you next time, chica.

Catherine said...

Yeah, we had a few good-natured words for our co-counsel for booking that stuff for the boat show/art festival weekend. It looked like the entire state of Florida was on the Turnpike heading one way or the other. It was the worst I've ever seen, and I'm no stranger to that drive !!