Friday, February 11, 2005


Tonight's a happy hour/networking night - getting the word out that The Boss and I are on the market. Already there are nibbles of interest, but nothing feasible so far. We are focusing on moving together - we've done it three times (well, two and a half - because of my husband's illness I didn't make the move to the current employer until a couple of years after he did) so it's not like this is a radical concept. It has been done before and can be done again.

But after happy houring and networking I must come home early and get a good night's sleep, and get up bright-eyed and un-hung-over so I can tackle my weekend's tasks. My house is grubby. I was too sickly last weekend/half the week to chase the cat hair and pick up the clutter, and now I can't stand this dump. Tomorrow will be an early trip to the gym to boost my energy, followed by Costco and Target and housework, oh my.

Then I will play with the newest edition of Sweater Wizard. It arrived yesterday and I installed it this morning, fired it up just enough to admire the improvements to the options for necklines, body shaping, etc., and closed it again. I have swatched my red Cotton-ease and I need to design something fun with it.

My time management skills are still sadly lacking and my weekeday evening knitting time is not very productive, but I think this will improve in May, when the Girlchild moves in. Right now we tend to spend a chunk of every evening in an IM gabfest or on the phone, and it dawned on me that once she's living here again my hands will be free to do other things. Not that I'm complaining about the IM chats, mind you - she hasn't lived at home for four years, and we still talk just about every day. But I go to bed early because I get up so godawful early, so it's pretty much chat, walk the dog, watch a little tv and go to sleep. I haven't mastered knitting and IM-ing. I am thinking that once she is here and we can talk face to face, my knitting productivity will increase accordingly. Just a theory....

The Bossy One is bossing me to get into the shower. He is quite the little timekeeper. He's getting annoyed that I'm not listening, the foot-stamping and indignant snuffle noises are getting less subtle.

Oh, and there is some discussion about doubling the stubborn canine count around this place - Girlchild wants a pug. Murphy would be ecstatic, he loves other dogs and a dog small enough to play with him would be the best kind ever. I'm just bemused by the idea of two sets of intense staring eyes telling me it's time to take a shower every morning.

Snuffle. Squeak. Stamping feet - he's right, I need to get moving. Happy Friday!

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