Sunday, February 27, 2005

From the "How Smart IS This Dog? files....

Taking pictures of the star of the blog is very frustrating. He has an unerring ability to look away JUST as the flash goes off. And dummy me, I thought this was just a fluke - that repeated itself over and over.

Uh, no, it appears the dog has figured out the shutter delay on the camera, and knows to look away at the click.

Because today I tricked him, I talked to him and distracted him and got him to look right into the camera

And right after that picture was snapped, he buried his little head in his paws. I felt SO awful for tricking him, and promised that from now on, Mommy will only take his picture in the yard, without flash.

And I would have made my bed today, but Miss Roadkill was just too comfortable:

I'm glad her mommy will be home by May 1 and she can shift her ass to HER bed. I already have her littermate Boris the Purring Blob as a nightly companion.

I did not rip the Koigu sock on two circs. I took it out of the bag fully intending to frog it, but looked at 4+ inches of ribbing and admired the colors and texture, and just didn't want to, so I'll finish this pair on circs. I watched movies on this long rainy day and turned the heel on the sock. I was a bit confused by the gusset portion of the pattern, but that's just because I read it wrong. It does work as written, if one can read. I am not particularly fond of the two circs method, but I was afraid that if I changed to dpns I'd have a gauge change, since I seem to be knitting tighter on two circs (go figure). I'll finish this pair on two circs, because I can see the times when this technique would be useful, like for travel knitting. As someone who has done socks on 5 dpns damn near everywhere, I have to admit that the wad it up and stuff it in a bag factor is not to be dismissed lightly for me. I have fished size 1 dpns from the bottom of every bag I own AND from under/inside furniture. I will keep the circs thang in my knitting arsenal. But I love my double points and see no reason to give them up.

And tomorrow is Monday. And I'm now focusing my energies on figuring out how to get to Maryland Sheep and Wool. I want to drive because my previous excursions to places like the KR retreat seriously impeded my shopping freedom. I may want to come home with a baby alpaca tabletop loom, yeah, that's it, something loom-sized, not something alive. We're already pretty commmitted to adding a pug to the zoo here, I think the HOA will not notice a pug, but an alpaca could be an issue.


Mia said...

I honestly don't think HOA would really notice an alpaca in the backyard. The alpaca might mind though.

Sahara said...

That cutie Yorkie can boss me around those little dogs. :)
Lisa in Oregon

Catherine said...

Mia, my HOA is currently in the hands of retired Nazis. We get shit-o-grams if we leave our garbage cans outside (not at the curb, but anywhere outside) when it isn't garbage day.

Lisa, thanks for the kind words about my baby. Murphy looks like an unmade bed right now, but he is the sweetest little dog I've ever had, and certainly the smartest. He could stand a trip to the groomer but I need one worse than he does, he doesn't have to think about job interviews, so I will give him a home grooming this weekend.

Mia said...

You mean can't even have your garbage ans on the bakside of the house? I live in a small town in the old section but is not classified as a historic district (even though ti shuld be.) The town has some rules about garbage cans though. They just can't be stored on the street facing side of the house. Wednesday is trash day so that means they get put out Tuesday nights. can are supposed to be put back by Wedneday evening unless trash day is delayed for some reason. But unless you create a problem they don't enforce the rules too much.

Catherine said...

My garbage can (a tasteful tan Rubbermaid model that matches my house color precisely) was tucked up by my garage door - gasp!! on the corner of the driveway in front of the house, cowering behind a shrub!! - while I was out of town on business. I came home to said shitogram. I actually used to write HOA docs in a previous life, and suspected this was an abuse of the covenants. It is. There is no time limit to put garbage cans out of sight entirely, it just asks that you get them off the curb after garbage day. This was one can out for one extra day, stuffed behind a shrubbery, blending into the house as best it could, like a gecko, because I was out of town.

They really don't want to piss me off, I spent years doing HOA legal stuff. I am their worst nightmare, which is why I stay far away from HOA meetings. I just pay my dues and pay my mortgage, if they don't F with me, I will not F with them. They should not push me.