Thursday, February 24, 2005

Gray skies...

for the next several days, or so they say. Clouds and rain, occasional thunderstorm. Sounds like an excuse to knit and watch movies this weekend. Of course it will rain for days - yesterday I dragged sprinklers around and watered both before and after work. It got dark, I turned off the sprinklers, a half hour later I heard the sound of heavy rain. We had only a 20-30% chance of a shower, no heavy rain in the forecast. I can also do this trick by washing my filthy car.

This has been a crazy week, stresswise. I'm tempted to consult the astrologer I hear on the radio on my way to work, he's a local guy and does readings at the mall on weekends. I want to ask him if the universe is ever going to cut me some fucking slack. Ever.

Work sucks. Like Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, I am surrounded by assholes. I am tired of asking for support and getting condesending non-help, or endless questions about why I need this or that (I'm talking about cheap useful tools to do my job better, not the full-time legal assistant we need so desperately) and I'm sick unto death of explaining my job over and over to various people who can't grasp that we do not do PI work and Our Files Are Different. The level of micromanagement of shit that does not matter, combined with lack of comprehension of what really does matter, it's just mind-blowing. The cases are good, the clients are great, the lack of a clue in management is driving us out. My job is giving me stress dreams and nightmares. This is simply no way to live.

Never mind. It's an old rant, just recycle it from an earlier blog entry.

Happy hour didn't happen, canceled due to a sick kid. We're attempting to reschedule for Friday.

The job hunt networking continues; so far all the nibbles (and there have been quite a few) have been in South Florida. We're both in the same position - we have nice and affordable houses here, and comparable housing there is out of reach these days. Neither of us is willing to make a move that would effectively lower our standard of living. (Where is down from here for me? I don't want to know.) But we haven't been seriously networking, just dropping hints, we need to crank it up a notch.

I would like a little smooth sailing, just for a while, just for the friggin' novelty, but apparently that is not the hand this family has been dealt.

Knitting: I am about four inches from finishing the body of the top-down cardigan. I'm definitely going with a zipper on this one, I thought about buttons but that's just too dowdy on a sweater that is already very, uh, basic. But like many things of this type - blah, neutral, "sturdy" - it's probably the sweater that will get the most action next year, though it may live a hard knocks life on the backseat of my car all winter.

I need to swatch stitch ideas for the Cotton-ease tanks. I'm thinking a simple fisherman's rib is probably the way to go. I think cotton-ease may be a bit too heavy for baby cables for summer, but I'll swatch it and decide.

Patternworks' new catalog arrived yesterday. I haven't really looked at it yet, but just the cover art caused a stirring of desire for something handpainted for a simple feather and fan shawl. I think I'm really craving a couple of skeins of Shimmer from KnitPicks. But I'll try to resist the craving, for now. I've got enough on my plate.

Time to get into the shower and get ready for another day of hitting myself in the head with a hammer.

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