Tuesday, February 15, 2005


We're Just Like You, Only Prettier. Don't read it in public, people will stare at you and back away nervously. Or at least they would from me, as I cackle madly and shriek "YES!" every couple of pages. I've got to get her earlier effort, Bless Your Heart, Tramp.

Bess and I are sharing a brain again, I have been thinking about making the effort to redecorate the blog. I think I'll lie down until the feeling goes away.... I've been doing very well on my exercise, because I do love the gym and have rearranged my work day to make it my first priority after work. Not doing as well on my eating habits. It's that old portion control and office food and business lunches problem. I'm burning calories and toning up, but not necessarily taking in signficantly fewer calories, so the weight ain't coming off. I had moved to South Beach Phase 2, but I think I'm going to move myself back to Phase 1, or maybe a Phase 1.5 in between, and continue to restrict a few foods that I know trigger hunger - not cravings, but real stomach-growling hunger. Bread makes me hungry. I love it, and in Phase 2 we are supposed to reintroduce whole grain bread, but even the whole-grainiest makes me 1) want more; and 2) feel hungrier for the rest of the day. I'm better off without it, at least until I reach my goal. And I can live without it. Fruit, OTOH, is back in the plan, because it's strawberry season and my supermarket thoughtfully put a big display of the little darlings right up front, where their fragrance hits you as you walk in the door. Strawberries and homemade yogurt, that's breakfast.

Knitting - a couple more rounds on the socks on circs while watching the dog show. I have an overnight trip Thursday night, one of those whirlwind Miami adventures. I wish I could get together with Caroline, but that won't be happening on this one - it's drive down Thursday afternoon, sit through a string of depos and drive back Friday afternoon because there are no hotel rooms to be had in Miami Friday night. What the hell is going on down there? I need to get back anyway, I have exciting weekend plans like yard work. Anyway, in preparation for the road trip I will be burning music and packing knitting - I'll bring both the sweater and the sock, yeah, for a one night trip I'll bring two projects. Crazy, isn't it?

Murphy says it's time to get in the shower, and he's right as always.

BTW, I did get flowers.


Anonymous said...

That is a great book. I don't think many people realize how much of it is true. I grew up in the south, and miss the idiosyncracies of it.

caroline said...

Silly. It's the Coconut Grove Art Festival weekend. Every President's day weekend. I'm bugging out, too. My neighborhood is overrun. However, if you DID want to stay, you could certainly crash at my house. and I'd delay the bugging out. That is, if your bossy little dog won't have a snit over you coming back with a smattering of fur de white cat hovering over your ankles...I mean, it IS a knitting fiber isn't it? If she were an angora cat? heh.

Catherine said...

Oh God, thanks for the offer but I will bug out Friday afternoon and go home. I didn't know what event was going on, but DAMN, there isn't a hotel to be had anywhere. We have a few things going on in Miami, I should get down there a few more times in the coming weeks, I'll let you know. Murphy would not be offended by strange cat hair, but the three resident cats certainly would be put out. Evidence that I had been cheating on them.