Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'm Leaving Work Early and Going to the Gym

and nobody's gonna stop me. Yesterday really screwed me up - I got to the office before 7:45 and didn't get out until 5:30, and by the time I stopped for groceries and came home and fed the animals, etc., I was too dead tired and pissed off to go out to the gym, so I took to my bed with the dog show, wine and knitting. (I am unimpressed with this year's best in show, btw, but then I've never seen the appeal of pointers.)

Tonight I must pack and prepare for the whirlwind tour of Miami, and figure out what sort of professional appearance I can wring from my sorry wardrobe this time. I need to pay attention to my wardrobe, especially if jumping ship is actually in the future. If I'm going to work at a real law firm again somedaymaybe, that means more Ann Taylor, less Newport News. I can always fall back on my workhorse black skirt and a knit top, I'm starting to think of that as my Deposition Outfit, but I'd like a little more variety. I also must burn fresh driving music, and d/l some other stuff to the Pocket DJ for knitting music in case TV sucks.

I saw a hummingbird on the morning dogwalk today!!! It was busily feeding on yellow jessamine flowers, and I was able to stand about 4 feet away and watch it for the longest time. Fascinating little critters, I just love them. I must put up the hummingbird feeder this weekend. Weather permitting, this needs to be a yard work weekend. The backyard is in a sorry, sorry state. So is the front yard. I'm trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul and squeeze a new sprinkler system out of my squeaking-tight budget. So far, the way to enlightenment and a green lawn has eluded me.

Time to dry my hair, put on my warpaint, and go face another day of inanity in Dilbertworld. Oh, joy.

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