Sunday, February 06, 2005

Knitting Day

I felt like hell all day today, tired and out of sorts and hormonal. Very hormonal - less said about that the better, but you perimenopausals know what I mean. After waking up befuddled and nutty (see below) I spent all day knitting, and it was lovely. So relaxing. I watched movies and I worked on the Galway cardigan. I'm almost down to the cuff of sleeve two, and it's so pleasant to knit something soothing and watch television. I hardly ever let myself do that.

I did not do anything sensible or practical or necessary - oh wait, I did clean the pond filter, that was 20 minutes. Sleeve 2 is almost done, I stopped only because I couldn't look at that oatmeal color any longer. I want to do something red, but I'm on the fence as to what - I have too much red Cotton-ease, clearly that needs to be a cotton pullover. I could even see doing another top-down mindless baby like this one, but a pullover in red. For next fall. In a small.

I also decided to get the upgrade for Sweater Wizard for thirty bucks, when I realized how much I used SW 2001 - the Galway cardigan was generated there, and I love the neckline and body shaping options now offered. An hourglass shape and more neckline and sleeve options and more calculations for stitch options, oh yeah, I"m in. I have a lot of nice yarn that I can't wait to use, but I am not a designer, I'm not math inclined, and I have enough real world work, unless I win the lottery designing my own patterns just ain't going to be happening anytime soon.

Girlchild is off watching the Superbowl. I'll probably turn it on, but I'm not into it, I don't care about either of these teams so the winner is a big What-everrr.

I may go sit in the tub. That seems to help me sleep really well. A glass of wine wouldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you found a small corner on the bliss market, today, hormones or not. Sigh. May the week be so peaceful, yes? Start the red sweater now. It will help. how about wine red?
aka fibertribe

Catherine said...

I have worsted in bright red, and a light allegedly sport weight in wine. I'm in search of the right pattern. I think the worsted wants to be a big comfy sweater. The wine hasn't expressed an opinion yet.