Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Listening to My Body

I hear it, it's yawning again. I've been SO tired the last three days. I took a sick day yesterday and slept all afternoon, and I never nap. Today I went in to work and gave up after a half day, came home to "rest and watch tv," and took a two hour nap. I have some sort of bug, I'm headachy and achy-achy and just really, really in dire need of sleep. So I'm giving it lots of sleep. I feel better today than I did yesterday, and I think by tomorrow I may be able to work a whole day like a big girl, and even make it to the gym. Bess is so right about how good weight training feels - she described it so well.

I'm knitting and working on the top down cardigan and watching movies, and waiting for my update to Sweater Wizard before planning the next project. I'm thinking the red Cotton-ease wants to be a small, fitted 3/4 sleeve pullover. And damn Knit Picks for dangling temptation in my face - I was just thinking about how I'd like to start some simple lace something, and they send me an email about lace, and a link to their new yarn Shimmer. And I'm suddenly obsessed with the idea of Shimmer in Stained Glass. Or Happy Dance. But nooo, my knitting time has not magically increased and I will not get sucked into the vortex. It'll keep.

In other ruminations, I heard from my friend who attended the retreat without me. She had a wonderful, fabulous time, and described a bunch of activities that would have driven me crazy/right out the door. Writing songs and poems and sharing with the group. Why are women's activities usually so disgustingly cutesy/sappy? Or is it that I'm really just a Guy at heart? The idea of spending that many hours engaged in that much "sharing" makes me cringe and seek the emergency exit.

Thank God for the Glorious Girlchild. I had no idea what I was getting into with the retreat, I heard only glowing things about how it built friendships and was a wonderful experience and I'm certainly not against friendships or wonderful experiences. They asked me for some information, so I identified her as a person who "knows me best." She was asked to contribute something in writing for this event. She got the packet of stuff and was like, "Uh... are you sure you want to do this? This is something my sorority [the one she quit] would do." Alllrighty then...that's enough warning for me. I'm so glad I listened to her and to my instincts on this, and I'm more than slightly disappointed that this much-touted spiritual retreat turned out to be less spiritual and more slumber party than I'd been seeking. If I want to bond with women I'll go to a yarn store. Nobody will ask me to write a song about my experience.


Anonymous said...

Then many of us must just be guys at heart. (sigh). I can't imagine an enforced "slumber party" weekend w/ a ton of other women.

I'm with you on the rest. I need about 3 sick days!


Geogrrl said...

Sometimes those retreats sound attractive, but what you described would bug the living shit out of me. I'd likely leave very early.

An old-fashioned retreat, where it's just little ol' me is much more appealing.

I guess a lot of us must be guys at heart.