Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mom Makes An Ass of Herself, Film at 11

Don't stay in here all day. I had to take the batteries out of the carbon monoxide detector; it was beeping all night.

I just woke up and this was my daughter's away message, the day after she moves out of her old place and into a new place. So Mom calls her, befuddled and anxious, and she laughs at me - it's a quote from Garden State.

I haven't seen Garden State. I didn't get it. All I knew was she moved into a new place late last night and I don't know anything about it and the heat is running and I'm working on a CO death case right now, so I am way too steeped in carbon monoxide death stories. I haven't had any coffee yet. My brain wasn't working. Did I mention I hadn't had my coffee yet? I left her a frantic voicemail message in which I'm sure I sounded like a nutball and which she will delight in sharing with her friends, (and she is hereby publicly warned that if she does, she will never get another dime from me, mwah-hah-hah) and then reached her alive and well, though confused as to why I called her so damn early, a few minutes later. She laughed at me, I laughed, and she went back to sleep. Now everybody can laugh at Catherine, who obviously needs to work on her pop-cultural literacy. And drink more coffee before dialing the phone. My daughter of course had no way of knowing that I have been researching CO death cases when she put up that message.

God help me, I'm turning into my mother.

God, it's funny and it's sad at the same time - no matter how we fight it, we are all at risk of turning into our mothers.

So yesterday was a highly productive day - I cleaned out my closet and tidied my bedroom - both long overdue, they're still cluttered from the great carpet installation, the pond pump is running again, and I made good progress down sleeve 2 of the Galway cardigan. I watched movies (but not, obviously, Garden State.) And the dog, God bless his little furry butt, let me sleep late. I feel good. Really Stupid at the moment, but good.

Weight loss: Bess is 17 pounds from her goal, I'm 19 from mine. Yes, I'm down 6 so far. But now I have reached the place where, historically, Catherine falls off the wagon - adapting from the strict and easy and fast weight loss of South Beach Phase 1 to the portion control, balanced eating and exercising good judgment of SB Phase 2. This is where I have failed in the past, because I have a real problem with that portion control thing. I eat healthy foods, I am not a snacker, I have no major sweet tooth, but I'm very bad about portion control, and that alone is enough to stall a diet. I'm approaching things differently this time, definitely - exercising much more, and paying attention to my weak spot and monitoring portions. At this point, SB and WW are virtually the same diet, with the exception of the SB strict avoidance of sugary/starchy veggies and bread products, no matter how low fat or low calorie - though I gather that the latest incarnation of WW IS basically SB Phase 2 - whole grains, complex carbs. Now the actual work of paying attention to eating right begins. Phase 1 is easy - it's fairly limited and repetitive, which does not bother me because I'm basically lazy and don't mind the repetition. Phase 2 requires portion control and learning moderation. I'm so bad at moderation - witness my yarn stash. If I like something, I want LOTS of it. This will be challenging.

Off to start my day, and perhaps add Garden State to the Netflix list....


Geogrrl said...

Ah, yes. Like you, I'm not a snacker nor do I have a sweet tooth, but portion control is a bitch. Unless I carefully size up my portions I have a tendency to give myself WAY too much.

I can sympathize about turning into your mother. I hear things coming out of my mouth that my mother used to say. That I SWORE I'd never say. When that happens, my brain just freezes for a second, then I think, "Who said that?" "Was that ME?"

Catherine said...

My problem stemmed from unconsciously eating like a man, taking portions as big as my husband's, ignoring the fact that he was bigger than me and had a different metabolism. I've gained and lost weight a few times over the years, but it really comes down to just paying attention. If I can just get this portion control thing and ethe exercise habit entrenched I'm home free, because I really LIKE sticking to eating South Beach style. Plus it's the healthiest choice for me with my family history.

Yeah, I'm not going to hear the end of this morning's incident, it was SO like something my mother would do. I will blame it on lack of coffee and doing a lot of CO accidental death reasearch. Oy.

Geogrrl said...

Heh. I know what you mean there. I was raised with brothers--all big eaters. I ate just as much as they did--at times I could out-eat them.

We've all learned to cut back as we've gotten older and our metabolisms have slowed, but it's always seemed unfair that I have to cut back more than they do.

Anonymous said...

You are psycho, but I love you, because I know now where it comes from. :) New boy and I went to his friend's house for the game...we'll see. Said he'll call...of course he will, everyone loves me...

--The Irresistable Girlchild