Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Two Good Workouts, Zero Knitting.

That's the week's score so far. Tomorrow night's plan is beer and hot wings happy hour with the usual suspects, and no gym - and my left knee shouts Halleluia! I'm having some Knee Issues - the Girlchild came by her knee problems the hard way, via heredity. I know the only thing to do is cautiously work through it - gentle non-impact workouts, let the joint toughen up. It will get better, it just has to work through being worked. She's doing much better since she started working out again - still has some pain, but not as bad as it was when she saw the great Dr. K last year. All you can do is learn to live with it, don't aggravate it too much, also don't baby it too much, and let it toughen up gradually. Fortunately, I am naturally lazy enough not to push it too far.

I cannot rhapsodize enough about what rejoining the gym has done for me. I have rearranged my work schedule to keep my dates with the cardio and weights. I haven't gotten it down perfectly yet, but things are getting better - my dream is 5x a week, but if I can maintain 3x with a good balanced workout, that will be fine. I am already seeing improvement in the assular region, meaning, I almost have one again. It had been getting Mighty Flat Back There. Now it's Lifting Up Where It Belongs. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is.

But it's hitting 80 already so it's definitely getting to Tank Time. I have a stash of Cotton-ease in various colors, bought for that ill-fated afghan concept of, what, 2 years ago? Anyway, I now have a Vision - brainless easy wide ribbed tanks in fat color-block stripes. Turquoise/white/sea green, red/orange/hot pink, stuff like that. Teamed with skirts, that's officewear. I'll share color combinations this weekend if the sun is shining, but my camera flash does not do colors well. I need to throw them on a lawn chair in the yard for a photo shoot. And then throw myself in the lawn chair in the yard to start one. I figure I have four tanks in my arsenal - the Denim Silk Berroco one from Knit!, a solid red Shapely Tank, and two striped Sweater-Wizard-designed specials. And I need all of them. I have various neutral skirts that are three elliptical trainer sessions from fitting, and a bright tank/sweater would be just the ticket for them - office-ready and fun.

But right now I will go crawl into bed with the topdown cardigan and chug around a few more rows. It's been a good day.


caroline said...

the colors sound great. i'm having the same irresistible attraction to hot pink and orange etc. just got a box of handspun wonder in hot ping from my SP4. will post later, take a peek. enjoy your cardi.

Mia said...

I like your new descirption of your rear. You are inspiring me to get back into yoga. I am going to be calling the small listing of yoga studios for my semi-rural area to find out what nights have a beginner class. Plus I just ordered some new bras and yoga cloths from Title 9.

Catherine said...

My butt was suffering, baby. I'm 46, flat butts run in the family like bad knees, and lack of exercise for an extended period of time had created great sadness in the rear view. It's not fully recovered, but I see signs of life in profile view when wearing knit slacks. It's just proof that exercise, much as we try to deny it, is really everything. I am not starving myself, I am not killing myself exercising, but regular workouts are doing it.

Mia said...

Catherine, I wish I had a flat butt. I have the Latina butt - rounded with padding. But if I get my butt to the gym it does tone up nicely. And knees are always a killer. Cross your finger, but so far I have avoided knee surgury. I used to do gymnastics and screwed up my knees that way. And just so you know Title 9 ships fast. I just received my order I placed on Monday. I can highly recommend the Cloudfleece hoodie. It is soft and I want another already.