Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hormonally-Fueled Self-Destruction

Okay, so you know how women who are very close end up cycling together? And no, boys, if there are any of you out there, we don't mean bicycles, but you can think that if you feel oogy. There is a major hormonal thing raging in this household, and it has manifested itself in consuming mass quantities of carbohydrates.

The Girlchild and her friend are in town for concert and we are on this crapfood rampage, and, good mother that I am, I added to it by baking peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies today. This is so not good. We are not genetically programmed to be thin, and it takes major effort to lose/maintain a healthy weight, and this sure isn't the way. We do exercise, but not enough to counteract this. We'd have to be running marathons to counteract this. I ate two cookies, just enough to confirm that they are very good, and the girls can take the cookies home tomorrow and feed them to their boyfriends. And I will, as God Is My Witness, clean up my act. I've been very, very bad the past three or four days - not just eating crap but drinking more wine than is reasonable. This shit must cease, and it will. Now that the hormonal tide has changed, reason will return.

I finished another hat - the blue-wine-teal Plymouth Charisma number. I didn't do a black top, I had just enough of the varigated to finish a hat in the "large child" size. I immediately cast on a hat in the smaller adult size, in bright blue Cascade 220. It will get a Shrek Green Stripe, like the felted bag I made a while back.

Then it will be time to switch to tube socks or felted mittens or a roll-brim hat or something, because even I can get sick of this much mindless knitting on the same pattern.

The girls got here late last night (traffic was hideous) are at the concert tonight and leave tomorrow morning, so I did not have the opportunity to cook the very nice salmon and asparagus I'd purchased. I think that will be grilled tomorrow, if it's not raining. I will be eating good this week, baby. And healthy.

Tonight I will take to my bed very early with a movie and the blue hat. Last week was very long indeed. That's a sign that I need to change jobs - when the days drag, the weeks are endless, I just can't live like that. No call on the interview, but that's okay. If I'm "too expensive" for them, that's fine, they're a small firm. I know I didn't overstate my salary requirements and I know people I trained are making more money than I am, so if they can't pony up, I am just not meant to work there. Or maybe they are still wrestling with the concept that they underestimated the market and are being too cheap. Hard to say.... Either way, I'm not going to blink. I have time to make a wise choice.

And yes, I'm IN For MDS&W. Girlchild cast the deciding vote - "You NEED to go."


Kristi said...

Hooray for the Maryland decision! I was hoping to go, but I won't have any time off built up because I have a new job. (a small price to pay for peace of mind) A job that actually values my talents and abilities enough to meet my salary requirement. Yes, they really do exist. You will find that job, too. Or it will find you. In the meantime, have a great time at the festival.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cursing Mama just wrote a post about food, too. Yes, you NEED to go to MDS&W! I'm saving up for Rhinebeck so I won't be going. I've never had to food diet, but yarn diet is a whole 'nother matter. Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are going to MDS&W. I have been reading your blog regularly for a while now and just can't help but be glad for you. I may even bump into you there. I live in MD and will be there all day, both open days. (No money to take classes)
I am hopin for the right job for you and Boss. Linda