Friday, March 04, 2005

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

but I can get a hot bath and a glass or two of wine, and that's where I'm headed within the hour.

Talking to the boss was...weird. Very oblique, very uncomfortable, he clearly didn't want to Have This Conversation. I wanted to do the Miranda Warning of Bad News: "We have to TALK," but I didn't think he could take it. He knew where I was going from the look on my face, and began pre-emptively citing reasons why We Mustn't Rock the Boat. Okay, dude, maybe you mustn't, but the boat will be lighter with my crabby ass off it. I didn't quit. I'll keep on doing what I'm doing til I have a place to go, and with a little luck, prayer and visioning, Boss will be with me. I'll be working on that a lot this weekend.

I love the whole experience of collage making, I can't believe I forgot how enjoyable it is. I haven't done this since a college class way back on my first pass through college - probably, uh, 1976? Just the planning stage is stimulating and it helps me focus my thoughts on what I really want. It's been years since I've thought about what I really want, and I'm so very ready to push the envelope.

Not that this is pushing the envelope, but my HOA is having a garage sale in a few weeks, and I am taking that opportunity to try to offload a lot of my now inappropriate stash in addition to other worldly goods. Maybe I can at least partially finance a trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool by offloading the nonessential clutter from my life. Mapquest says it's a 14 hour drive, which means I could do it in 12 - sounds like a job for a book on CD for each direction of the trip. I'm a early riser and I could get in before dark each way. Yeah, I could fly, but flying is such a pain these days and I want to be free to be flexible - who knows what I will want to bring back? Besides, I have cousins up there and could probably turn this into a very long weekend, which would make the drive a breeze. Lodging for three nights in Columbia ain't cheap, but I can do it. We'll see. As usual, there are too many uncertainties for me to just commit now, but commitment will come within the month.

Girlchild is coming home for part of her spring break, yay! I whined my way out of a trip to Miami, it was going to be another overnightmare, drive down, stay over, drive back, and I'm not doing that again. If I can be there for two or three days, fine, but I'm not slogging through that traffic on a one-day turnaround. I'd rather drive halfway up the east coast in a day than make that stinkin' drive to Miami, and that's really saying something.

When I was younger I had this idea that my mid-40s would be settled, life would have a comfortable pattern and some security. I'd know what I was doing with myself. Then God said "NOT!" But I'm really not complaining, nor am I overly freaked out by more changes on the horizon. This is life, and I'm just surfing the waves of chaos.

Much to do this weekend. Wash the dog, kill the grays, chase the cat hair, go to the gym, wind the Shimmer, start the shawl, work on Visioning, buy Girlchld's favorite foods, etc. etc. Right now I think I'll walk the dog and fill the tub, and a big glass of pinot grigio. Happy Friday!


Bess said...

Stay in Frederick, hon. I'll be there. :D In fact, there ought to be a bundle of us there. Let me get back to you with motel info.

Bess said...

Stay in Frederick, hon. I'll be there. :D In fact, there ought to be a bundle of us there. Let me get back to you with motel info.

Catherine said...

Frederick! God, I haven't been there in, oh shit, 30 years??? Okay, maybe 25. I'm still old. I almost went to Hood College, was offered a scholarship, but I just couldn't take the idea of a winter in Frederick in what was then a women's college, without a car.

Mia said...

Please stay in Frederick. Frederick is cheaper than Columbia just don't stay at the TravelLodge. If you need a list of places to stay in Fredeirck, I will get them up really fast. And there are two yarn shops right in Frederick. And I can tell you the names of good places to eat. And winter in Frederick isn't bad. It is a lot better than winter elsewhere. And Hood is no co-ed. And yes, I am in Frederick.