Friday, March 18, 2005

If only

the people who send us that endless spam about Internet Viagra could do something about premature Blogger misfires. I went to pee and started another sentence and my post launched itself and posted. If I were male this could be very traumatic.

My afternoon off was way too brief and involved, oh, FIVE calls from Boss. I think he's feeling needy because he knows I'm fed up and on the brink of jumping ship, though he'd chew off his own hand before saying so. If only he really was my boss and had some authority to do something about my work environment, but in this case Boss is an honorary title.

Target - bought less than I thought I would. Groceries - bought what I needed. Knitting Newsflash: Joann's Etc. Still Sucks. I realized today that if I bought a few skeins of black Paton's Classic Wool, I could make not only the Vintage Bubble Bag, but crank out some really bitchin' cool hat combinations for the Dulaan Project. Joann's has lots more yarn than it used to have, including the aforementioned PCW. The difference appears to be that they can get endless restockings of furry novelty things with sequins, but only one surviving skein of black PCW languished in its bin.

An email to the beloved Yarn Bears is now in order. Give me six skeins of black Cascade 220 and I can use up about eleventy-jillion color skeins. Picture ribbed caps with BRIGHT fat brims and black crowns, in every leftover color in my arsenal. Yeah, that would be cute, useful, gender neutral and charity-friendly.

Job interview. Tuesday. Need to starve self and try on clothes. It will be a Peri-menopausal Bridget Jones kind of weekend.

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