Thursday, March 24, 2005

Insert Clever Title Here

Dragonknitter asked for photos of Florida lizards: Critters.

I've gone through my third night of PMS induced insomnia and I am totally unable to think of anything to talk about, except how much I really wish I could sleep.

Thanks for the support on the job interview, we'll see if they decide whether they can "afford me." You'd think that I was asking for a huge salary, I'm not. Florida salaries are lower than much of the rest of the nation, and Central Florida lags behind South Florida. The fiction that "It's cheaper to live here" becomes more absurd every day, and our cost of living is dead-on the national average. Yet my research indicates that my salary is way behind the national average for a paralegal with my education and experience. Lowball salaries are the rule, not the exception, and it takes some real wrangling to break through. It's depressing.

My only knitting project at the moment is a Dulaan Project hat. The Koigu sock is Snoring on its Two Circulars. Maybe I'll pick it up this evening. And I frogged the feather and fan shawl I'd started in Shimmer - I just wasn't happy with the gauge, and maybe it's because I wasn't happy with the pattern. I need to contemplate a different shawl pattern.

I still haven't made up my mind about MDS&W. I need to make that decision today. At the moment the vote is Yes.


JJ said...

I'm trying not (or not trying) to be an enabler, but I just checked Orbitz and they show flights from Orlando to BWI for $122 round trip / one stop on Air Tran.

Catherine said...

Shoot, by the time I get to the airport from my house, check in early, get the obligatory Starbucks, sit at the gate, fly to wherever, make a stop, take off again and land at BWI, I could get up early and be in Virginia. I do not fear driving it, I've done it many times, and I'd rather have my car. If I do it, I'll drive. :-)