Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday Moaning

I tried to post last night but Blogger refused. We'll see what happens this morning.

The girls are safely back in Tally, they left loaded with banana bread and cookies, and they can feed them to tall, rapidly calorie-burning boyfriends. I have had a very lazy weekend, hanging out in the house and going to bed really early. My insomnia has passed and 10 hours of sleep sounded really, really good.

Girlchild's friend was allergic to the cats. She said her mom has a cat and she didn't expect to be allergic, but she was anyway. I have found that cat allergies are way more individualized than we think - I am allergic to some cats, but not all. But I hate it when company is allergic to them, I always feel like this Crazy Cat Lady or something. I never intended to have three cats, I always figured two of them would move out with the kids. Yes, I was frigging delusional.

Knitting and movies, movies and knitting - my right hand is a bit sore, but the bright blue hat with the Shrek Stripe is nearing the finish line. The green stripe is in place, time to switch back to the blue to finish the top.

I realized that I have enough black Cascade 220 and some bright Kureyon, I think I can put together a Vintage Bubble Bag. Perhaps that has to be the next item to go onto the needles. I'm knitting like crazy but I'm only in the mood to make small items and accessories. Charity hats and a felted bag suit my mood very well.

When do we change the clocks? I didn't get a lick of yard work done this weekend, Saturday it stormed like crazy, and Sunday I just didn't feel up to it for Female Reasons. I really want to have to get out there and dig in the dirt in the evening, but I also really need to go the gym. Can't do both in one evening until DST starts.

I have absolutely nothing interesting to say - stray thoughts about fitness and work and whatever, but they refuse to be rounded up to form sentences. More coffee, more mindless websurfing, then a long hot shower...sounds like a plan.


Yarngirl said...

My calendar has DST as April 3rd. You'll be outside after your gym workout in about a week!

caroline said...

the jasmine has been blooming down here for about 2 weeks. ugh. it's so cloying it gives me a headache...and it IS like kudzu...
heh. now I know what to bring when I head north. beware miamians bearing guava... I actually will be going up to Gainesville in about 3 to 4 weeks to visit Gabriel Zane, the brand new # 1 son of my friends Heather and Garrett.
Maybe I'll give you an email shout and swing by for some coffee and a yarn crawl???
gym. oh, yeah. does physical therapy count?