Thursday, March 17, 2005

Quote of the Day

"I thought about calling in sick, but I knew if I let myself do that it could easily become a habit, and then I'm screwed."

This from one of the smartest, most talented senior guys in the office. Yep, it's a hap-hap-happy place in which I toil. An afternoon off is a good idea.

Oh, and Mr. UPS Man made my rainy afternoon: Pursenalities. Okay, I bought it for the Vintage Bubble Bag, but there are at least four others I want to make. Just when I thought my felting addiction was under control....

I think I have some Kureyon in the stash from hell, I think that will sub nicely for the Silk Garden called for in the Bubble bag. I am not sure I have Cascade 220 to coordinate with it. I might have to...BUY YARN. I'll inventory the stash tomorrow and see if I really must. Oh, I also love the big whompin' Large Travel Tote, but not with all that hairy novely crap hanging off it. I could see it in a Kureyon/SilkGarden/Cascade220 mix. Maybe a wee bit 'o fringe, maybe not.

There are big tote bag shapes, very nicely sculpted purse shapes, and Weichmann's favorite felting yarn is obviously my beloved Cascade 220 - what's not to love about this book? It brightened a very rainy, crappy day.

FCEK arrived in today's mail as well. Haven't really looked at it yet, but it didn't look half bad - cute kids' stuff, and the cover sweater would look so nice on the Girlchild.

And yes, Bess, I'm psyching myself to drop the bucks on the hotel....

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