Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sunny Saturday

The dog is clean and soft and I can't smell him when he walks into the room now. He's so funny in the tub - he doesn't enjoy his bath but he suffers it with dignity, he just keeps up this soft, breathy grunting under his breath, like he's doing something that requires a lot of effort and is exhausting him, but he stands perfectly still and tolerates the whole nasty experience like the Very Good Boy he is. When he's done he races through the house, snorting and dancing with joy.

The laundry is almost all done - it must be all done and the laundry area must be vacated before Girl arrives, because let's get real here - she's not coming to see me, she's coming to see my fridge full of food and free washer and dryer.

The pond filter is clean for the moment, but this is spring and it will require daily cleaning for the next two weeks until I get ahead of the seasonal stuff that is the byproduct of a small, cheap pond setup. The fish are fine, it's just aesthetically unpleasing.

And I wound and cast on the Shimmer. It took 3 needle sizes to get what I wanted - I started big, kept downsizing, and now I'm on a 5. Larger than a 5 and the pattern was lost in the loops - and that is before blocking. I like Shimmer very much, but warning - it is loosely plied and a sharp needle point (sharper than I am using, unfortunately) would make it much easier to work with. It splits like splits easily. My right hand is tingling with the time I put into it today. It is also heavenly soft and the colors are very rich. Great stuff for the price, definitely - much pricier yarn has worse splitting issues. I lost the light on the patio before I could take pictures, and photos with flash are just not worth the effort of picking up the camera.

Oddly, I can knit a Koigu sock forever and my hand/wrist never complain. Sock photos tomorrow too. It's heading down the foot to the toe. I'm still not a huge fan of the two circs method, but it's okay. I will quit saying it sucks. But I have no urge to retire the dpns.

Oh, and I'm looking at my stash today and thinking about how much I have the urge to make tot-sized clothing, and later I'm catching up on blogs, and blogger serendipity strikes again: The Dulaan Project. I started my day thinking I had this weird urge to start making little kid sized hats, and about 8 hours later, I hit Mossy Cottage Knits and saw the latest entry. I am a bad blog reader, I missed this earlier. But clearly this is the synchronicity of the blogworld at work again. I will cast on a bright cheery basic ribbed hat in nice Cascade 220 felting leftovers, and many more should follow. That's bedtime tv knitting. That and tropical sore bandages. I have 2-3/4 of those done. I can't even manage feather and fan when I'm tired, but I still like to feel the yarn and the needles, it lowers my blood pressure. So the Dulaan Project goes into the bedtime knitting program. I love the Blogworld.


Geogrrl said...

Isn't that weird? I've been having the urge to make baby/children's clothes lately, too.

Catherine said...

I didn't want to say out loud that I wanted to make baby/chldren's clothes because my daughter is a bit paranoid that I"m too eager to see her married to the new boyfriend (it's way too early for that) :-) . I don't remember if my email is in my profile or not, but it's

Geogrrl said...

Della Street! I love it!

We don't have children, but I've picked up a bunch of yarn (cheap) in nice bright colours. I suspect much of it's acrylic, but acrylic has its place. The parents of my nieces and nephews don't like it when I give them wool garments because they're afraid they'll be ruined. Personally, I think wool is warmer (and safer) but chacun a son gout. BTW, do you know of a reliable test for acrylic vs. wool? There's a few skeins I'm not sure about.

Something that's been on my mind lately... and getting on my nerves. There's a blog, which I will not name, but where the knitters never use anything less than 100% natural fibres and whose intelligence far outclasses that of us plebes. I like the person who writes the blog, she's witty and intelligent and her comments are often accurate. However, some of her followers strike me as rather unpleasant people. One made mention, and not in a kind way, of a blog called "Sutty Crochet's". Out of curiosity, I read said blog. The work on there is not to my taste, certainly, but after reading the blog in its entirety, I do think that making fun of it is rather like pulling the wings off of flies.

Geogrrl said...

Maybe I'm just an idiot (believe me, that's a distinct possibility) but I can't figure out how to access the profile. I can't get to it directly via the web, or I need the rest of the url.

Just e-mail me at

I use that e-mail for a lot of junk stuff, so if someone decides to harvest it, it doesn't matter. I'll give you my private one after you contact me.

Catherine said...

I know there's something about burning the fiber to see what it is, but I'll be darned if I remember what. I would imagine acrylic would melt, but that may be the "old time" acrylic, the newer unnatural fibers are much more natural.

Yeah, there are a couple of blogs with what can only be desribed as "groupies" who act like they're in junior high, and a few bloggers who appear to believe that God put them on this earth to show us all the way to True Knitting. I don't get how blogging about knitting can take on such importance, but then I'm very low on the knitblogger food chain. I like it down here, it's very relaxed.

Geogrrl said...

Heheh. In this particular food chain, there is much less pressure at the bottom.

In piscatorial and limnological terms, that ain't necessarily so.

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

The big blogfish leave me alone, I'm too old and bitter to bother with. ;-)