Tuesday, March 01, 2005

That's better!

I suspected that the quiz in Sunday's entry was the thing that caused my sidebar to disappear, so I edited that entry. Problem solved.

Yea, verily, the job doth sucketh mightily. But tomorrow night is Girls' Night Out, and I'm showing up with resumes for my friend, who will pass them on at her firm.

And my dreams are so amusingly on-target at times, it doesn't take much to interpret them. Last night I dreamed I had to attend a deposition in my pajamas, no makeup and with bed head, and was in a closet full of unfamiliar clothes somewhere near this deposition in a panic, trying to find something remotely professional to wear. Then later in the same dream, I got a good haircut. My subconscious is not known for its subtlety - I was just thinking that I needed downtown clothes and a good haircut.

Re the good haircut - I'm going to try a new salon and get this mess trimmed into, I hope, a low maintenance long layered bob. No more putting the dog's hair care ahead of my own. I can bathe him myself this weekend and stall his next haircut a bit longer.

Knitting - I've finished the heel on the Koigu sock on circs and I'm starting down the foot. I am in love with the Koigu, I can't get enough of this stuff, though I can't say I'm in love with the two circs method. I do think part of that was a shitty choice in circs - Inox needles are nice but the joins on these size 1s are less than stellar, so they are driving me nuts. I think that in the future I will continue to do the two circulars thing at times, but on maybe 16 inch Addis, or something of that ilk, and I will fondle them first to make sure the join is perfectly smooth. 24 inches is just too much needle. I'm annoyed by the dangling. I understand the concept of making two socks at once but I'm having enough trouble keeping my working yarn out of the dangling needles. I think dealing with a second skein of yarn would cause me to lose it entirely.

I think it's a hot bath and a glass of wine evening, followed by maybe thumbing through old magazines for stuff for my Visioning collage project. Reading this book reminded me how much I used to love to make collages as a child - it was perhaps my favorite arty thing that didn't involve yarn. I can definitely see how this would benefit me. I'm excited about it.


caroline said...

visioning, hmmmm... a friend of mine did this and found it to be amazingly powerful. am using some specific intentions and asking and it seems to work the same way. i mean, literally, visualize something and it appears in a day or two. so i guess this means we also created the crap we're exiting???

Mia said...

I hate trying to find some one new to cutmy hair. With curly hair, it is always hard to find some one. And if you are still thinking of trying to go to Sheep & Wool, check out the tote bag idea. There is a link to the new blog off my regular blog.

Catherine said...

Caroline - I was thinking about that and I'm not sure it means we "created" the crap we're exiting, maybe it does, but I think it's more like by not focusing, we allow ourselves to float along on other people's crap.

Mia - I'll check it out, thanks!