Sunday, March 20, 2005


Here's a clue for you: If you read my entry and it appears to have been typed on the planet Cain't Spel Worth Sht an Aint Got NO Proofreaodr, I probably did it on my laptop. I type about 90 wpm on a regular keyboard and can't do 40 on the laptop's downsized keyboard spread and the attempt to slow down to match my fingers' best efforts is not pretty. Plus it makes my wrists hurt if I do it too much. I can't get used to the keyboard and editing onscreen from there is still, as we say in corporate world, Challenging. IOW, I keep f-ing it up. Sorry.

Today was a quiet sunny day full of dog events. I gave him a bath. He chased lizards. I cleaned up the hair blowout after his brush and blow dry. He chased lizards. I washed the towels and his blankie, and did a ton of other laundry. He chased lizards.

But did I take pictures? I did.

Hat three will join one and two. All are the easily memorized Cottage Creations ribbed hat pattern, and it has a deep, doubled brim to allow for variations in head size and also doubled yarn ear coverage. I am all about the ear coverage, because I have very sensitive ears and they freeze if it gets below 50. Mongolian temps strike terror in my heart. Three will be a More Boyish Hat - teal and wine and deep green and black on the brim, a black crown. Not that I am trying to assign gender to colors, and I don't know the cultural assignments of colors in Mongolia. I figure a mix of neutrals and brights and pastels is fair enough.

And while I worked on hat three, Murphy chased lizards.

This is mostly what lizard chasing looks like - he patrols likely lizard places - the jasmine, the rest of the fence, the scruffy garden area near the patio - and watches intently for signs of Lizard. Then he chases it for ten seconds. It gets away, he stops, and resumes a new position to watch for another one. And he does this until his tongue is hanging to his knees and I make him come in.

Job interview Tuesday. Do I know what I am wearing? No.


Anonymous said...

I must tell you, you are my favorite blog. I like that it isn't all knitting all the time. I wish you well on your job interview. Wear something classic, but comfortable. You'll be great.

Catherine said...

Thank you! I have decided on my favorite knit top and old standby black skirt. And I can't write about knitting all the time! "Today I did four rows on a hat...." Today I did four rows on a hat...." repeat....

Sandra said...

Okay, I know you have a life outside of your blog (and thanks for your posts about so many different aspects of your life), but I am waiting waiting waiting to hear about the job interview. :-)

Don't you just love going on an interview when you don't *need* the job? It's more like YOU are interviewing THEM!

Best wishes.

dragon knitter said...

can we see a picture of the ubiquitous lizards? i wanna see! i'm curious, lol. we don't have lizards up here in the great white north (aka nebraska) we have snakes, mostly garter. now, if i can keep them out of my living room, we've had it made! (email if you wanna hear all, lol)