Saturday, April 23, 2005

2nd entry same day

I forgot to mention the actual knitting content. I've been examining my stash, which is not unlike examining your conscience before going to confession, and I am compiling an actual list of stuff to shop for at MDS&W. This does not mean impulse purchases won't fly into my hands, of course, but I have goals.

Inkle loom. I have a good basic book on it and can figure it out, I just haven't bought one yet.

Suitable fibers for that loom. Yeah, I am creeping up on a real loom, but haven't figured out the logistics of it in this house.

Handpainted yarns in warm and hot colors. My stash is so Practical it's wearing orthopedic shoes. Neutrals, solids, nice colors that could be anything. Yawn. I want hot reds and pinks and oranges and blues and emerald greens and DRAMA.

The right yarn to make the definitive knitted coat. Warm and thick and yet super soft enough to be cosy and not itchy when thrown on over pajamas at 5 a.m. to walk the dog(gies). If I find that, the entire drive will be worth it. The trip is worth it already - getting together with the KRers - but if I can score things I can't buy comfortably online, I'll be very happy with the results.

And of course if I can knock out a few unique gifts for friends' birthdays and such, the trip will be an enormous stress-reliever in more ways than the obvious, so the baskets and pottery and the like will also draw my attention. Oooh, this is going to be like an orgy of fibers and animals and friends and fried Twinkies! Whoo-hoo!


Geogrrl said...

The tag board's gone again. What IS going on?

Catherine said...

I see it! How weird....

Geogrrl said...

Nope. Still gone. Bizarre.