Thursday, April 14, 2005

Coffee Watch Is Over

Joy - Late this afternoon, there was coffee. Only one week from delivery of coffee service to actual pot of coffee, which is boggling to those "outside" but to be expected in our world.

And Sadness - I have only 3 skeins of Shimmer, not 4. No Pie for me.

Finished the bright mango and yellow hat, and - this is important - DID NOT START ANOTHER! Like the addict I am, I thought about it. I really did. But I went to the stash and pulled out some nice handpainted in autumnal colors, and cast on a mistake rib scarf. And I like it very much. Mistake rib is highly underrated, IMHO - it's mindless (and so am I) it's reversible (important in a scarf, at least to me) and it's nicely insulating with the ribby-seedy thing it has going for it. And it's perfect for moviewatching knitting, so that is what it and I will be doing this weekend, after I make a dent in the very long to-do list.

The dog says he wants me to go knit outside. There are lizards just standing around, waiting to be chased, and he doesn't want to disappoint them.


caroline said...

erm. now the office idjits get to try their hands at frying the coffee pots, just you watch....
oops. corporate life will ruin your view of human nature if you let it...heh.

Catherine said...

This is an un-fry-able vacuum pot, but my bet is that after a while we will be constantly "out" of coffee or creamer or both. (And remember, this is a coffee service, they are supposed to drop that stuff off regularly - but like toner for the printers, somehow, we "run out.") Heavy Sigh.... And nobody who has done litigation for decades can have her view of human nature altered by the morons of corporate life - however, I cannot watch "The Office," because it depresses me too much.

cursingmama said...

Yeah for coffee! Of course, it does beg the question does anyone know how to use the coffee maker? I have personally retrained the same person 4 or 5 times in the last year....and coffee is not that difficult. Good Luck!