Friday, April 01, 2005

It's been a long, slow,

depressing week in which not much has been accomplished, at home or at work.

I didn't make the Wed. appt with the agency - I rescheduled it for Monday. I've felt like hell all week and just didn't have the energy to be "on" for an interview. The lawyer at the other firm - where I had such a good interview - wants to do lunch with Boss. Otherwise, not much action on the job search front - my fault entirely, I'm just dragging ass this week.

Meanwhile, my real boss was in town yesterday and we did lunch. Nothing much was accomplished - I basically told him how I felt about the job and why I was so frustrated, and he said he had some ideas to make it better, and that's nice, it was a good air-clearing session, but it doesn't change anything substantive. He is a really good-hearted guy and he really did listen once we had him cornered, but I'm just not happy with this as a long-term career prospect.

Still more meanwhile, it's April 1 and the Girlchild and I have made an informal pact - April has been designated as Extreme Fitness Month. For me this means daily gym workouts and banning all junk food and alcohol, (no wings and beer with the girls - sob) meditating, taking my vitamins faithfully, and getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I have been very tired and headachy all week, I know it's stress and frustration, and I need to make positive changes to balance it. I have a lot of things I want to start/finish/achieve this month. This may include less blog time - too soon to tell. I may start a parallel blog on Typepad to try, just for giggles.

My strange, sick little hat addiction continues - I finished the blue and green hat and promptly went to the box of felting leftovers and cast on a bright red hat. Same pattern, same basic 4x4 ribbed cap - this is definitely knitting as therapy, it just goes round and round, the gerbil running frantically on the treadmill in my brain slows down and relaxes as my fingers move. I need to start a baby blanket this weekend - maybe this evening - my young friend is due to pop out her baby boy any day now.

Okay, this was also fairly incoherent and not very interesting - there will be pictures and such this weekend.

Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday! Yaaaay!


caroline said...

Here's to a better weekend and month ahead, eh? I've been low energy, too and not even anything specific to cause it. One step forward, one step sideways...but at least we're moving... is there any yarn that's inspiring you lately?

Mia said...

Things will get better. Just relax this weekend and enjoy being outdoors. Remember that you eat an elepahnt one bit at a time.

Catherine said...

Honey, I've been eating an elephant for YEARS now, I just want to know when I get to eat caviar one bite at a time!

Catherine said...

I have no inspiring yarn in my stash. I am inspired to do something about remodeling the stash. I'm into soothing Cascade 220 hats, I love the yarn, it's so soft and pleasant to knit, and the colors are vibrant, and that's all I have the capacity for right now. Homer Simpson Voice: "Ooooh, sooft! Pretty colors!"