Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lots of pictures!

I give you...the Vintage Bubble Bag, felted!

I love it, I totally love it. The colors stayed true and it looks just the way I imagined it would. I'm glad I added 8 inches to the handle length, though, because as you can see, they are not overly long and would have been definitely "handbag" length at 20 inches, which is fine, but I wanted a handle long enough to put over my shoulder if I chose to. Personal preference, that's all, but I've made so many felted bags I can guesstimate how long the finished handle will be, and when I'd want it longer. I gave it 3 runs through the wash before I was happy with the felting of the Kureyon - at 2 cycles it still had too much stitch definition for my taste.

Next to my Diet Coke can for scale. It's stuffed with old Target bags for drying, but it holds that very nice shape and stands open even without the stuffing. Great bag pattern!

The fish gathered to admire it, or maybe they were just hoping I'd forget I'd already fed them.

The jasmine is in bloom:

And the Bossy One knows it's a fine place to find lizards.

But sometimes there are no lizards, it's hot in the sun, and Mommy says it's time to come in.

We both feel a movie and a nap coming on - I hope your Saturday is as restful, yet productive!


Geogrrl said...

Wow! That bag is gorgeous. I all honesty, I was ho-hum about the pre-felted shape, but it really came out well.

Catherine said...

Yeah, it seemed very flat in the pre-felted shape, I was impressed by how it did indeed "bubble" when felted. The photo doesn't show the detail of the color, pink and blue seem to dominate the camera, but it has a lot of subtle variations, very sunset-like in person. I like it a lot, so much I'd make another - I have some Kureyon in a darker, greens and blues and reds colorway, I'd mix THAT with the black. I just may have to do that.

Rachael said...

Oh, those colors!
And bossy dog's face! Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Catherine said...

Murphy uses that sweet little face for all it's worth, too. He is the master of the Patented Heart-Melting Intensely Yearning Look, sometimes accompanied by the Sad, Breathy Little Whimper. Gets away with murder with this act, of course.