Saturday, April 09, 2005

Magic Kenmore Ride

One more look at the finished bag, pre-felting:

It is in the machine even as I type. It's on the second round of felting - round one felted the Cascade 220 straps almost instantly, but Kureyon is a slower felter than the Cascade 220. I suspect it will take about three long cycles on Cotton Sturdy (which in my 14 year old Kenmore means Beat the Shit Outta It) to get the Kureyon to felt. I questioned the idea of attaching the straps before felting, but I went with it. I did make the straps 8 inches longer than the pattern called for, though, both because I prefer a longer strap and because I suspected the straps would be super-felted before the bag body caught up.

For some inexplicable reason, I am on the Sundance mailing list. The idea that some mailing list maven thinks I can afford a $98 beaded bracelet just cracks me up, but I do find this catalog very inspiring - the clothes, the sheets and quilts and throws, and especially for beading ideas. It definitely is my style, though I can't afford a damn thing in it.

This weekend's mission is spring cleaning - I'll blame it on the time change, but I spent this week in a fog of non-accomplishment, and it's just shocking how fast the clutter can pile up even when it's just me in the house. My bedroom, in particular, is a mess of catalogs and books and yarn and cosmetics and general clutter, and it's making me cranky. Movies and spring cleaning, that's the plan for the day. Felted bag photos later. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Handles attached work for several reasons...they felt to the body, so are sturdier. But, while they do felt, they also stretch a little so you may have some really long handles. My practie is to put the handles on and felt it, and if the handles are too wierd, I just cut them off and put something else on for handles. Gotta have options. Can't wait to see the felted, final product.

Jeri said...

The bag is beautiful! And that (cute) Bossy Little Dog is too. Its great to see new projects! Congrats!

(and thank you for the kind words you left for me... I appreciate it so much)