Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Blog Favorites

We've had this "conversation" before, but a blog is special when it has its own unique voice. I stumbled across a few recently that are new to me (but maybe not to anybody else), and I am now hooked. If I wasn't the laziest bitch on any blogring I would add them to my sidebar now, but I'm still contemplating moving to Typepad. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...anyway, I've added these to my favorite haunts:

Woman of Many Faces
Dogs. Yarn. Lots of interests. Gotta love it.

Crazy Aunt Purl funny, sad, sharp, so real it hurts at times, and don't you want to hate her for coming up with that name? I'm so jealous....

Wine and Needles because I like it and because she craves salt and vinegar chips when PMSed, and it took all my will to walk past them last week. We salt and vinegar chip cravers need to stick together.

I spent a very long time today vacuuming and Febreezing and beating cat hair out of my living room furniture, and an hour later turned to find Higgins on the couch, performing an act of feline hygiene. Occasionally he'd pause and sniff the couch and look puzzled - "Something's wrong with the couch Mom! It doesn't smell like ass!" I think this furniture is in need of serious cosmetic surgery, or maybe just replacement. It's nice stuff, a very classic style, has held up well, but the upholstery has seen better days indeed, after 9 years of daily use and serving as the bed of choice for three felines. I still like the room, I like the way it looks, but it's getting past that charmingly worn English country house thing into "Anyone allergic to cats is risking death sitting on this furniture." I think next year the living room needs a makeover.

I'm supposed to schlep to the mothership tomorrow afternoon, so Tuesday I can bask in the presence of the boss's boss. This was Boss's idea, and he was quite insistent on it. At first I let myself be talked into it, but right now I'm reconsidering. I don't have a desk, computer, or a "place" in my "real office." My company for reasons too inanely Dilbertian to go into refuses to issue me a laptop, so if I go down there wtf am I going to do, sit around looking decorative? Maybe knit? I just can't see how this is a good idea, traveling three hours to look useless. It just makes no sense and I can't justify it as "getting big boss facetime" because there is no evidence that he cares about getting facetime with lowlifes like paralegals. The drive down and back would eat two evenings, time I could spend making a hair appt. and trimming the jasmine in the yard so the puppy doesn't get trapped in it, and of course sending out resumes. Once again, I let Boss talk me into something which, on further reflection, strikes me as lame and pointless. I'm glad the hotel reservation can be canceled, because unless my real boss calls and says he wants me there I'm not doing this. I would feel like an ass. Because the reality is, I have no place in my own office. I'm a displaced person there, and I hate it.

Knitting: So today I spent the day doing laundry, chasing cat hair and getting loaded on Benadryl, and somewhere in between I cast on another Vintage Bubble Bag - this one is gray Cascade 220 and a muted Kureyon - I think it will be a tad more colorful than the model in the book (which is very gray) but very subtle. It has reds and blues and greens and a tan which works oddly well with the gray.

Also cast on a mistake rib scarf for the Dulaan Project, in the lovely roses and blues I enjoy knitting.

All the vigorous cat hair vacuuming has irritated my wrist issues. I shouldn't be knitting, but my sanity demands it, because tomorrow is Monday, and I did not win the lottery. The good news is nobody did.


Geogrrl said...

Yup, all the mousing I've been doing lately has been irritating my wrists, too. Fortunately, being left-handed and having started using computers in the days before left-handed mice were available, I switch hands when one wrist gets too sore.

But like you, I can't NOT knit, even if I only manage a few rows.

BTW, I've been knitting up the accordian cardigan from Knitty in the smallest size. I've done it in stripes of walnut/caramel/camel/rust with bright blue, kelly green, mint, and ametheyst thrown in at intervals. It's adorable.

blue said...

you have a beautiful doggie...
cant wait to see your daughters doggie...

Geogrrl said...

Thanks for turning me on to Crazy Aunt Purl. Man, she's funny.