Saturday, April 16, 2005

Oh my GOD this is amazing!!

Google Maps Fast, accurate, detailed - blows Mapquest off the, er, map. I love the level of detail, it even has the names of every lake in my neighborhood. Just for yuks I asked it to map my route to Frederick, MD (MDS&W on the brain, I have) and it took about two seconds and was dead-on, didn't take me around the long way like Mapquest often does.

Thanks to Rachael for pointing that out. I'm as jazzed as she is with this new toy! Geeks R Us.

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Anonymous said...

I used it to find all the quilt stores in an area for my mom. That's a great function, that and the scrolling on the map.
There was a blurb in the NYT about it last week sometime. good stuff