Saturday, April 09, 2005

One More Picture

because I was not pleased with the colors in the earlier one. This is a much more accurate picture, it shows the depth of the colors. It's really a great bag, like a tropical sunset. It's Kureyon 102 and a bright blue Cascade 220, the color number of which is lost with the skein label, but it matched the blue in the Kureyon.

Beer bottle of course provided for scale.


Yarngirl said...

What a cool combination of colors - I love the way the bag came out!!! I like longers straps too - hate feeling like I have an armpit full of pocketbook! I frequently use beer bottles for scale - what else is there???

Geogrrl said...

I really like that colourway, although I have a suspicion that if it were a bag for me to use (no, I'm not hinting... well, maybe I am) I'd prefer the other one you described.

Just because I tend not to switch bags very often, so I lean toward those that go with everything, or nearly everything.

Anonymous said...

The bag is PERFECT!
Thanks for the Lizard Hunt captured the dejection of *time to come IN, now*
I can almost smell the jasmine from here!
Looking so forward to seeing you at MSWF...
we'll be driving up too ;)