Friday, April 08, 2005

Typepad Time?

My lengthy post of last night was eaten by Blogger. I mean, poof, it was gone, no chance to save it. My fault, I know, I actually dared compose it in Blogger instead of Notepad. Heaven forbid I want to actually USE their convenient buttons to insert photos and links, it may "save time" but it runs the risk of vanishing. (Recover Post button, my ass.) I'm thinking a move to another host is in order here, this is really getting annoying. I've had a sense for a long time that the blog needs a major makeover, a totally new look and perhaps even a new name, and I'm too lazy to figure out how to customize my own template and bored with Blogger's canned offerings. Yeah, I'm talking myself into playing with Typepad this weekend.

So this post is long and slightly about knitting. I haven't felted the bag yet. That will be tomorrow morning's adventure. I did take another picture that shows more detail of the colors - the blue still looks brighter than it does "in person," though.

I just need to attach the straps and send it on Mr. Washing Machine's Wild Ride. I swear I will do that this weekend, along with the thousand other "gotta do" tasks.

This week got away from me, not much got done beyond work and sleep. I am nearly finished another Dulaan hat, that will be number, uh, five? I think I'm going to switch to another pattern and make something else - or maybe not. It's such a good pattern for a project like this, because the hat has a lot of stretch and a cuff that can be adjusted to fit various heads, and the deep ribbing and double cuff makes it nice and warm. I need to flip through the rest of the Cottage Creations' community projects books and see if something else strikes me as appropriate.

Job search update: I talked to the headhunter this week, she was not particularly helpful. I was somewhat put off to realize that she hadn't really looked at my resume before we sat down, though she'd had it for two weeks, and she didn't focus on it or understand it when she did read it. I know my resume is dated and needs some updating and sprucing up, but other people who have read it "got it" and appreciated that I am not your off-the-shelf paralegal, so I don't think it was my resume's fault that this one didn't grasp this. She did give me some good ideas for reworking sections of the resume and I will definitely take her advice. But of course she started to give me the usual, "Not many jobs at your salary level," spiel and I just shrugged it off, and told her that I know people making more than me, so I know that the jobs exist and it is possible to get them, so that's my bottom line. I don't need to flee where I am, I am appreciated there, I just don't want to stay there long term and I'm willing to take my sweet time finding something more suitable as a long term career prospect. Using her is just one part of networking, I really don't expect her to find me anything. At this stage of my career I am more likely to get a job through my personal contacts than an agency.

Meanwhile, I talked to my friend D, at the firm where I had that great interview - they still haven't filled the position. Maybe the long delay between interview and call back isn't because I was too expensive, maybe they are just having that much trouble getting the shareholders in one place to conduct second round interviews. Or maybe I am deemed too expensive and they have decided to keep looking. Who knows?

I have never searched for a job while in such a position of confidence and strength -I know people, I know I'm good, I have the luxury of taking my time and looking for the right position. It's good. And of course, the first option is still to find a way to move with Boss. I'm sorry, I'm too spoiled to leave him. He'd been out all week, I was bored and lonely by the time he got back in town today, and our relationship is such that I could walk into his office, plop in the chair and say, "I missed you. It was boring without you. Is it take your paralegal to lunch day?" and though he had a ton of catching up to do, of course it was. We talked shop the entire time, brainstorming a couple of cases. Every time we do that it's such a good thing, we agree we need to do it more often, away from the tyranny of the in box, the email, the phone, the forms and the colored file folders, we can really THINK. But you have no idea how rare it is to work with a lawyer like this, and I will give it up only for An Offer Way Too Good To Refuse. Otherwise, we keep working on moving together.

The new Knitty is up and I got a kick out of some of the patterns - I may actually have to make that steering wheel cover!


Anonymous said...

I am incredibly smitten with this purse, and the colors in it. And since I, too, own Pursenalities, I think I will copy yours. But I live in Washington State and you in Florida, so they will probably never run into each other in the street. So, we're good. Good weekend.

caroline said...

Beautiful bag! I LIKE it with bright blue, every little color pops. the week did sort of blow by, yes? and weren't the thunderstorms last night loud? they hit down here at exactly 4 am. Not too good for sleep. I was in a fog all day...
enjoy the weekend, chica...

dragon knitter said...

i liked the "w" tank, and the steering wheel cover myself. i'm also thinking about the visor pocket as well. a lot of good patterns in this. even the "sleeves & cowl" thingie (can't remember the name right off) was kinda cool. i don't think i'd do the sleeves so blousy though. what did you think of the "wedding" shrug? depending on what i find for dresses, i'm thinking about doing it for my bridesmaids. good luck with the job hunting

Geogrrl said...

Sounds like this headhunter is not going to be very useful. Perhaps another headhunting firm?

Updating the resume is the hardest thing. Styles for what employers want keep changing.

If the other firm had already decided that you were too expensive they should have called or sent a PFO letter by now.