Monday, April 18, 2005

We're Having a Baby!!!

I posted this on KR but I'm posting it here to open the game to the non-KR folks.

My Girlchild is moving back to Orlando from FSU in two weeks. She has had Dog Fever for, oh, God, two years, probably, and her particular favorite breed is the Boston. This is cool on many levels, in part because Bostons are the "family breed" -her grandparents and great-grands had them since the 40s, maybe the 30s. Anyway, she's been dog shopping, thinking about pugs, chis and poodles, thinking she wanted really small, thinking she didn't, trying to make up her mind, and then her dog found her. A breeder in North Florida, a really quality breeder (we've been window shopping for two years, remember?) has a little boy ready to come home right when the Girlchild does. Two phone calls and it's a done deal - Male #4 Playa is no longer available, I'm sending the deposit in the morning.

Murphy will be a wonderful doggy uncle, he adores other dogs and will teach the puppy all the important boy dog things, like sniffing, chasing lizards, barking at the UPS man, and of course leaving peemail in all the best places on walkies. We are, if I do say so myself, the dream home for a possessive breeder - we believe in puppy crates when unsupervised, tons of supervised playtime, walkies, chewies and puppy school, premium food, regular vet visits and a safely fenced yard to romp in off leash. This little dog will be livin' large.

But this puppy needs a name. This is not a real knitblog "contest" because the Girlchild is the dog's mommy and she has absolute final authority when it comes to selecting names, she is not obligated to choose any name proposed here or on KR, but she asked me to tap the brain trust that is the knitblog world for suggestions. However, if someone comes up with THE NAME before MDS&W, I think something really nice might fall into the trunk of my car for that wonderful person.

The only guidelines are:

A crisp sound a dog will hear when it is yelled at the dog park; and
bonus points for something witty, literary, or just plain cute.

The dog is a boy, he's a Boston.


Pam said...

Nothing to do with maleness or Boston, but I've always wanted to name a dog Pita. Short, ends in a vowel (supposedly that's good for dogs), and if the pup turns out to be a pain in the ass you can always say you knew it was going to be like that.

Or maybe Fenwick.

Have fun in MD!

Geogrrl said...

I just went through this with a friend of mine, so I'll offer some up.

He looks like a Ralph to me; that could morph into Ralphie.

If not Ralph, there's Walter (could become Wally), Basil (pronounced Bah-zil, as in Basil Fawlty), and Nigel.

The photo also brought to mind those two dogs from the old Warner Brothers cartoons. The big bulldog and the little excitable one (terrier?). The big one's name was Spike and the little one was Chester.

Yarngirl said...

I say he looks like a Tucker.

Anonymous said...

What about Brutus or Julius?
Random Knits

dragon knitter said...

how about "DAHLING!" lol, just kidding. bostons are so cute. lizard boy? nah. taco bell! never mind. ummmmmmm. i know! Chauncey. mind you this is the name of my old doctor before i moved, but it sounds appropriate.

Kelly said...

There is a piece of advice I came across while surfing the 'Net for my future dogs' names.

"The name you choose says as much about you as it does about your dog. It shows how you view your dog and your relationship with it. Some names can cause people to judge a dog and react positively or negatively/fearfully when meeting it."

I think it's worth considering for a relationship that may last 15 years or more.

I propose Danny (or Daniel) or maybe Bobby for easy yelling!

Debi said...
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Debi said...

Here are my suggestions:

Chowder - He IS a Boston after all

Digby - A cute name for a good boy

Those pups are so CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

yay! i have a boston and he's just my little heart and soul. they fall in love with everyone and their big personalities are just the funniest things going. when they're puppies they look like little rolls of cookie dough. so cute. congratulations on your granddog!


Jeri said...

oh, what a cutie-pie! I love Bostons. How about "Rocky"? Or maybe "Dexter"?

Pam said...

Hi, it's Pam again. I really didn't mean Fenwick, apparently I was time for me to go to bed.

Fenway. That's what I meant. Fenway - where they play that game with the bases and the balls and the socks that are red.

Bostons are such adorable dogs. Lucky family!

poormary said...


Anonymous said...

Call him Harley - short for Harlequin because of his coloring (black and white)!

Teresa in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Or Petit Four

jj said...

He's black and white like salt and pepper - how about "Shaker"

Barbara- a MA Yankee said...


KatyaR said...

Congratulations! Bostons are my favorite, too. I have a 7-year-old, Maggie, that I wouldn't trade for the world.

I've always had girl doggies, but I always thought it would be fun to name a little boy Boston "Basie," after Count Basie, with the full name being "Basie, the Boston Terror ('cuz you know that's what they are!).

Congratulations again--can't wait to see pictures!