Friday, April 22, 2005

Yay Friday.

Still no dog name. I think we'll end up waiting until he is here and decides his name for himself. The breeder says he will be ready to come home on May 3, so it would make sense for the Girlchild to stay up in Tally until that day and pick him up at the breeder's on her way home. But if she wants to come home and then go back to get him, I may be forced to take a day off to go get him with her so she could play mommy with her baby while I drive (he will be in a carrier, we know how to transport a small canine) and that would be great fun and I have no objection to that either.

It's been a long, strange week at work, not entirely bad, some very good things happened which I can't discuss because they are too case-specific/identifying, but they were very cool and fun. And there's definitely odd political stuff afoot and we can't tell what it means yet. We are being sucked up to with great force, as in hang on Toto, Wicked Witch outside the window on a bicycle force, by people who normally treat us like pariahs. Now we are being approached and offered tribute on bended knee by our respective shunners. Interesting. I am benefitting from this in very practical ways, so I'm on board (still looking for another job, of course - smile and don't trust 'em, that's my MO).

And the gov't deposited my tax refund money, and I will blow some of it in MD. Then I will adjust my withholding so this doesn't happen next year, because I am not into floating interest-free loans to Dubya.

I need another madly productive weekend this weekend, it's time to clean out Girlchild's closet, and while I'm at it I should work on my own. There is always yard work, and the cable guy is coming out to re-activate the cable in her bedroom, which some other cable guy, for reasons that remain unclear to me, shut off while performing other service years ago. I have a TO DO LIST. God knows how much of it I will get through. My goal for the summer is weekends free of these extensive to do lists.

And yes, I did knit this evening and I will go to bed and knit more in about, uh, 20 minutes. I'm starting another mistake rib scarf, but this time in the colors that speak to me. And I'm on the home stretch of the roll-brim hat in that Bartlett yarn wool, and it's awesomely snug and solid, like felting without felting. And I'm actually in the zone and want to start making things for me - but this charity knitting thing is just too much fun.

Bed, very early. It was a long and weird week. Not a bad week. Just surreal.

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dragon knitter said...

think maybe they heard you're job cruising? amazing how much they realize they appreciate you when you do something like that, lol. i too have too many to do's on my weekend list. just make sure you make you time. and i hope little chauncey (i'm digging here) enjoys the trip