Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dudley Do-Right

He's wonderful, absolutely a riot and amazingly smart. His personality is blossoming already - he woke us up ungodly early this morning because he had to go potty, peed and pooped outside (later inside as well - whoopsie) has checked out all the toys and Murphy's beds, kissed the kitties, and tried to get Murphy to play with him - Murphy's a bit shy with him, it's so cute. I think in a few days they will be romping and playing together, but poor Murph - he grew up a people dog and rarely gets to play with other dogs, so Dudley tries to get a good game of Chase Me going and Murphy just watches him, wondering what to do next. For the first time in his life Murphy is not the smallest animal, and he watches the puppy a little nervously, sniffs him cautiously, and then wags his tail.

Dudley has a sense of entitlement - all chewies are his, all food dishes are his, and if we are sitting on the couch he tries to jump up, fails, and then cries with annoyance. But so far he has passed up shoes in chewing range for his chewie, and had his accidents near the front door - the concept of Outside is already taking hold with him. He played and romped and chewed chewies for about an hour, then while Girl and I were talking, Dudley climbed into Murphy's bed and shut his eyes - he was done playing and put himself to bed. He's astonishingly smart.

Murphy is getting lots of extra attention and praise for being so good to Dudley, so he's happy. The cats are thoroughly disgusted - they take their eyes off the puppy just long enough to shoot me looks that could kill. Everyone is already getting along well. And I'm exhausted from waking up so early, and still have to get ready for work. I wish I'd taken today off too.

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