Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Six Days Off!!!

I'll post in the morning, when I am OFF!!!!for six lovely days in a row. But here's a Quick Question: Would you like to hear about the latest insult from my shittyfuckingjob, or happy little stories of Dudley's adjustment to the homestead and preparations for MDS&W?

I'm off for six days. Tomorrow will be haircut, bank, oil change, packing. Friday - road trip! MDS&W (and drunken sailor shopping maybe) on Sat. and Sun. At least lots of cute sheepies and time with friends. Drive back Monday. Tuesday, revise resume and ship it out to at least four quality targets on the radar.

Oh, and Murphy says he really was happy being an only dog and never wanted a baby brother, thanks just the same. He's perfectly nice to Dudley, as gentle and patient as he can be, but he's an OCD dog, a creature who loves his familiar routines and habits, and this has totally thrown his entire universe off kilter. He's eating, acting reasonably normally, but I can tell he's not himself. And he doesn't know Mommy will get up early on Friday and be gone for 4 days, and he'll be here with Girl and that Doggie Little Brother he really didn't need. Poor Murphy.


Lulu said...

how adorable, what a beautiful face

Geogrrl said...

I'm enjoying hearing about Dudley, but I'm always interested in the work stories.

Bess said...

Aunt Priss is still wondering whose idea this all was, but Aunt Socks is in 7th heaven having all her neutered maternal instincts fulfilled - without the labor pains.

But sugar - do make me laugh with tales of F**KS**T dilbertville. Unless it depresses you.

And swift and sudden changes - I'll be working Jennifer's booth in the main building - would you believe it - a cancelation on Wednesday and she's in! Down by the fleece tables. And don't forget - the main building is that huge barn like structure at the end of all the other buildings and down the hill - the one I thought had to have animals in it but could also have 2 basketball courts.

can't wait to see you

Anonymous said...

Hey there.
I am looking forward to seeing you too & like Bess, I will be a booth babe for Jen this week-end. (This is very exciting news that she is now a MD vendor!)
Dudley is a prince - my Dad's fav dog as he was growing up was a Dudley-ette named Trixie so I have always heard good - make that great - things about his breed. Give him a kiss for me & one to Murphy & the kitties too.

cursingmama said...

Work being crappy, how could that be?! I love how "they" always like to start you out right on a vacation with a good ole heap of crap.
If you need/want to vent you should post about work. If you want to forget them post about happy things like Dudley!