Sunday, May 01, 2005

Yesterday was a was so not a restful,lovely sunny Saturday. Oh, the weather was lovely and sunny, but some SOB flipped the Summer Switch on and it was much hotter and more humid than last weekend. So I got out there bright and really early, like, 8:15 a.m. type early, to do yard work. I lasted an hour and a half, or until I filled two large trash cans with clippings from ugly shrubbery and wild trees growing up in the ugly shrubbery and had to quit because our trash people demand that our yard waste be Containerized. Otherwise I might have kept whacking savagely at the shrubbery, until my arms were ever more exhausted than they are right now. By 9:30 I was sweat-soaked, exhausted and my arms were trembling from wielding the big clippers to viciously chop chunks out of those butt-ugly old half dead juniper bushes I've hated since the day we moved in here 9 years ago and they have only gotten uglier and this year those ugly bastards are gonna DIE. Um, was that out loud?

So at 10 a.m. my stomach was growling, having long since digested my healthy breakfast of high fiber cereal and fat free milk. So I ate pizza. Yep, a California Kitchens thin crust pizza. It was so good Murphy was in doggie fits over it and helped me eat it - he consumed a generous slice all by his little self. The dog has the funniest favorite foods. He will turn up his nose at a lot of mundane human foods but if permitted to he will eat a burrito the size of his head, and will be absolutely obnoxious when pestering for a bit of Greek spinach pie. He is not allowed to eat more than tiny slivers either of those things, because though he loves them, his colon doesn't. He is a dog and doesn't draw those cause-and-effect lines between burritos and spinach pie and Mommy swearing and cleaning the carpet, but I do. Anyway, Murphy was deeply disappointed when we finished the pizza and Rooed excitedly and wagged his entire butt at the word pizza for the rest of the afternoon. "It was a good pizza, wasn't it Murphy?" "ROOOO!!!!"

But I digress...we ate pizza at 10 a.m. This left me well fortified for the noonish arrival of the truck - after the move from hell Boy took it to his house and left it in his driveway until we were ready to deal with it. We had everything off and in place by a bit after 1, the truck was returned to U-Haul, and Boy was returned to his house a few miles away. I finally got a shower and went out to run my other errands, came back exhausted and hating humanity. Why, oh why, do old ladies shop Costco in pairs, each pushing a cart at a snail's pace, side by side, blocking the entire aisle? Why do 50+ year old men with potbellies, while contemplating a big screen TV, step back and do the bored supermodel slouch, throwing out a hip and an elbow so that, combined with the aforementioned pot belly, they can block an entire aisle solo? That pose so does not work for you, sir. Please stand up straight and try to suck in, okay? I'm not even PMSed but I was so aggravated by the crowds and the level of cluelessness on display everywhere I turned, I came home even more exhausted and pissy. I still had to put away the parts of Girl's belongings filling the living room. That's done, and everything fits pretty nicely.

Today I woke to the sound of rain, which is just fine with me. Cross watering the lawn off today's to-do list. At some point this week I will need to go to the bank and get my oil changed and pick up my books on CD at the library, but I think the only thing that will happen today is the library visit. Today will be a lazy knitting day - as much as I can do with my arms sore from hedge clipping and heavy lifting. Laundry. Movies. Maybe bake the Oat Muffin recipe I found on the South Beach website. The past few days have not been very SB-friendly and I need to toe the line again. Murphy will not be rooing for pizza again this week, unless Girlchild indulges him while I'm gone.

Knitting talk: I've been working on items for the Dulaan Project, and Ryan of Mossy Cottage posted some pictures of the Mongolian kids who are the intended recipients of these items. I knew they were very poor and need basic warm clothing, and I didn't have any romantic ideas about showing off my knitting skills by making fashion statements for them, but now I'm somewhat aghast that I've been cranking out hats when there are two year olds going shirtless in 20 degree weather. So I fired up Sweater Wizard and "designed" - and I use the term loosely - a simple drop shoulder boat-neck sweater in the round, (boat-necked because it's so easy to pull over a little head). It's mindless movie-watching knitting at its finest, and I'm going to try to add at least two, maybe three little sweaters to the box of hats and scarves. They need kid-sized stuff, not adult-sized, and kid sizes go so fast, there is no reason why I can't make a few simple sweaters out of something very soft and cozy instead of yet another hat.

I'm working on the second I-cord strap for the second Vintage Bubble Bag. This one is in much more muted colors, almost like the model in the book. I hope to felt it later today, and if the sun comes out there will be photos. The mistake rib scarf is soft and nice and I love the colors, I should finish it this week too.

Two days until Puppy! Four days until I'm on the road to S&W! Whoo-hooo!

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Lulu said...

man, i hate junipers, they are most ugly, and when they are dry, they become hideous...
cant wait to see pics of you new doggie, i have a doggie and adore her..
i see your doggie likes people food also, so does mine..problem is my doggie turns her nose on her own food...
have a good rest of Sunday..