Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006, a fresh start

It started with Aunt Purl's List for 2006. I'll refrain from saying it looked creepily like MY list, because Girlchild and I are already feeling kinda creepy and stalker-like when we read her blog and are sure she's related to us. So many things on her list? Yep, they're on mine.

Then the other me, Bess, decided to become a Born Again Weight Watcher.

I've had so many false starts and missteps in the past couple of years. I'm not down on myself, I've kept it together and have started to refocus my life, but damn, I never thought it would take this long. Somewhere along the way I realized that it's been almost a day for day recovery - for every day I had spent dealing with my husband's illness and death, I've needed a day of not thinking about the future and just dealing with today. Plans for a new life sounded too much like work. Whenever I tried to think about my future, back in 2003, I never pictured just stalling out for two years.

But lately I've been in a rare fit of introspection and I've analyzed what I need to change in my life. My recovery from caregiving and PTSD and job changes and higher stress and more responsibility and all the rest has led to my being way too homebound - I come home from work and I don't want to leave, I want to curl up in my quiet cocoon with the dogs. I need to change that.

My weight - for all my fits and starts and a few pounds here and a few there, I'm still packing the extra 25-35 pounds (depending on where I am in the fits and starts) I've been packing for well over two years now.

So yesterday I mentioned to the Girlchild that I was thinking of joining Weight Watchers, and she surprised me by saying she'd join with me. She's not very overweight and she still has that youthful ability to drop pounds with little effort. She lost 7 pounds in the past couple of weeks, thanks to her busy work schedule, but as soon as the holiday rush is over it'll start creeping back. We're both stuck with truck-driver eating habits and could use some outside motivation to do better. I'd tried WW online in the past and while I lost a few pounds I thought I was going to starve to death - but now their new "Core" program is a mirror of South Beach, and with the added motivation of meetings and support I think I could do it better than I could on my own.

Meanwhile, this damn cold has killed my enthusiasm for shopping this weekend. Day Quil is dealing with the worst of it, but I still feel like crap. I think the time will be much better spent cleaning out my closet. Monday is not a garbage holiday, so I intend to give the garbage men something to bitch about.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Aunt Purl great? It makes me want to go over and give her a hug and say "It really doesn get better". I feel like I am sort of stalkerish with you. Really, I am not.

As for Weigth really does work, if you follow it, and eat everything you should, esp the fruit and veggies, my downfall. One woman at our meetings said you have to 'eat the program', and she is right. I fell off the wagon when I got a divorce. Now I am trying to figure out a way to do it at home, in a way that works for me. So, in addition to listing 2 things a week on ebay, my other New Year's resolution is to 'eat appropriate foods in appropriate quantities". I figure we all know what we are supposed to eat and what to stay away from, so that is my start.

So good luck to you and in the coming year.

Not a Stalker

Anonymous said...

Hey there--

I did the same thing-- joined WW-- last year... Lost 20 pounds in about 3-4 months-- not fast or dramatic, but good... For what it's worth, I didn't starve, and I ate out once or twice a week-- I just had to do more of what I already knew was good for me the rest of the time!!

Myshelle10 from KR

Donna said...

Hppy New Year to you and yours, Catherine. Good Luck with the WW - it's where should be, but I'm still at the excuses stage of denial ;)

Catherine said...

HNY to you too! I've stayed too long in excuses and denial, it's time to clean up my act.

Catherine said...

Ginnie, I do not consider you a stalker. I don't think I have any stalkers, and I had them in a previous online life so I'm sensitive to it. I think my thing with WW is that it puts such an emphasis on thinking about what you eat, and in the (distant) past, I could lose weight with relatively little effort. I now realize that I can't do it that way and who am I kidding?