Friday, December 23, 2005

Actual knitting content later, sort of.

Maybe even photos of pathetic little unfinished things, if I get to leave the office while the sun is shining. I'm annoyed that we are working at all today - everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY we deal with is closed, from local government to all our trades, nobody's working. It's going to be a wasted day in which the phone never rings, and no matter what it is, it'll be dealt with on Tuesday (which is going to suck). I'm sure we'll get cut loose early, I just hope early is noon and not 3 p.m.

But I have been knitting, not as much as I'd like but this weekend should change all that. I want to start my Clapotis. I have the yarn I bought at MDS&W for this purpose, and I'm seeing finished ones like Patti G's and it looks so nice.

My Christmas present to me is a quiet weekend spent planning the things I want to do in 2006. Girl is working the next 9 days in a row, which is good for her financially though it does screw up our shopping plans. Not that either of us is ready to do serious clothing shopping anyway, so this isn't a big deal. I may go shopping on Monday, but my time would be better spent sorting through stuff to donate to charity.

Must get ready for work. Bleh.


Donna said...

Here in Australia, just about everything was open for normal business yesterday (Friday), but we get an extra public holiday on Tuesday.

Catherine said...

Here it was disorganized - businesses are closed Friday AND Monday, or just Friday, or just Monday. We closed at noon, hooray.