Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Actual Knitting Content!

Oh honestly, did anyone fall for that?? Actually, I do promise that by this weekend, God and the UPS Man Willing, there will be knitting content. Books and pictures of things and all that crap. Really.

Meanwhile, I'm stewing on new non-yarny projects, wrestling tigers (actually, engineers and lawyers, and they're not even slightly hot) at work, and counting down to the end of the year.

The thing about having grown kids and no grandkids on the horizon is that Christmas changes shape, and NOT in a bad way. It becomes Mellow, instead of stressed and crazy. Have yourself a mellow little let's cook fun things and then go shopping at the Boxing Day Sales kind of holiday. I know what I'm getting my kids, and it will be whimsical and useful and one rather small box. (Girl reads this, but she's also scarily intuitive and shares my brainwaves so she'll figure it out just from that.)

Me, I want a good bread machine. They can team up on it. A Zojirushi machine, and since Girl likes her bread perfectly sliced, one of those slicer stands so I can make nice even slices.

Or a juicer. I could get into juicing things.

Or a Bigass Kitchen Aid Mixer - I've only coveted one for about ten years.

Can you tell I'm really into kitchen stuff this year?

I thought I wanted a Hoover Floor Mate until my co-worker said it was such a pain in the ass she reverted to her Swiffer Wet Jet. And she's way more energetic than I am, but also more impatient, so if it pissed her off I might like it a bit more but I'd probably be much more lazy about using it.

Met with landscaper today about redoing Butt Ugly Yard and dead sprinkler system. He was great, very nice, had good, quick, cheap ideas, including a way to rework the pond to make it prettier and more functional. He was also quite tall and goodlooking, but had an off-putting habit of addressing my chest instead of my face. Glad you like the girls but they won't be writing the check so Eyes Up, Mister. But hell, I'm 47, the girls are happy when anyone talks to them now.

He's supposed to fax me a proposal tomorrow, and could start as soon as Thursday. This company does the landscaping for my employer's subdivisions, so I'm family of a sort. I am getting other estimates but so far this guy said all the right things, even if he did say them to my boobs.

Lunch yesterday with Boss, the Replacement Me J, and our old legal assistant L, who is now an executive-type chick at a big development outfit. As Boss says, leaving him is the best career move anyone can make. L's with the big commercial outfit, L2 is a condo paralegal with a posh downtown law firm, I'm platting and planning subdivisions, we've all moved on up. Today L sent me an email, her company is scouting for a paralegal who knows her way around serious development. Hmmmm.... I'll send a resume.

You never know, but honestly, I doubt they'd pay me what this crazy little outfit will pay me, and I am writing my own ticket here. OTOH, I like where I am, but it's an awfully small outfit and we're at the whim of our private family owners. National companies are a bit more...objective. And commercial development is where it's at in this part of the country. Yeah, I'll send a resume, but just to tease the fish.

The Replacement Me, J, is a riot! We get along so well I love her to death, and Boss gets along great with her - every time we get together he says he's convinced we IM each other all day, because she stomps into his office and rants my rants word-for-word. The idiocy is getting to her, and she's busting his balls just like I did: "Where are we going to work next?" I love it! They had us on the floor with the stories of the temps who sat in the chair for the months before J was hired - the felon, the stripper, the stalker....

A Charlie Brown Christmas is coming on!


Janet said...

Get the big-ass KitchenAid! Love mine. (I got a bit of a deal on eBay.) I had a smaller one, but this one is so much better!
Lunch sounds like fun. Hope Boss doesn't get a complex. ;-)

Catherine said...

Boss is so cool about it, it's a running joke by now. I, D, and both Ls "left him" and increased their salaries and career level.
He's like a very springy diving board to a better job. I think on some level he gets off on our success. I was dazzled by L, she showed up in this extremely sleek "casual" executive wear, hair slicked back in a chignon, pefect accessories, pointy sexy shoes, she looked like a million bucks. She used to be my assistant!

I'm torn between the mixer and the bread machine, I really think I'd use the bread machine more. I have an old bread machine, but it makes that odd tall loaf, I want one that makes a conventional loaf. Petty thing, but I feed petty people.

Anonymous said...

We ordered one of that brand of bread machines for my mom for Christmas. She uses hers all the time. I love kitchen gadgets, and have too many of them and rarely use any of them.

dragon knitter said...

i'm jealous. i want a kitchenaid, but nobody's biting on that hook, sigh. and me a foodie.

and i'm jealous. i wanted to watch a charlie brown christmas, but i had an appointment i couldn't break.

and fyi, there's a bunch of us doing something for our darling Aunt Purl (laurie). if you want more info, email me.

cursingmama said...

I've got the old style bread machine with the tall loaf too - and although the call of a pretty loaf is out there....I would NEVER give up my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for the pretty loaf. If my husband would allow it, I would take the Kitchen Aid to bed with me after baking the holiday cookies - its THAT good.
Wish I was having such a simple holiday - glad you're getting to enjoy it!

caroline said...

sounds like life is good, chica. still up for a coffee and KIP? Maybe after the first of the year when I, ahem, have a bit of time on my hands?

Rebekah said...

Oh I can't wait until February. I figure by February I'll have some peace of mind knowing what next year will be like. I hate this time of year.

However I do have a good bread maker, his name is Nick and he's Italian. I have a good juicer, it's a Champion, and while it's more work then some other juicers it does really good work and makes great juice, and it's the kind my Italian Mother in Law would pay half for, and I just bought Nick for our anniversary last year a 6 quart Kitchen Aid, in addition to our Ultra from 8 years ago. So I guess I must have it pretty good. Really I'm not rubbing it in, just reflecting.

Anyway, I wish I was having some mellow times. HOpe you get everything you desire.

Catherine said...

I'm battling the bread machine vs. mixer in my own mind, I'd probably use them equally often and my hand-held KitchenAid has done nicely for me for a long, long time. And that bigass mixer takes up a lot of countertop real estate. So would the bread machine, but it'd be somewhat easier to stash in the closet. I'm thinking....