Friday, December 16, 2005

Condi made the Baby Jesus (as played by Bill O'Reilly) cry!

So I'm rushing around getting my perpetually late ass out the door today, and Our Secretary of Shoes was on the Today Show, and at the end of her graceful ballet around answering any real questions about NSA spying on Americans, Katie said, "Happy Holidays!" and Condi said, "Happy Holidays."

NOT "Merry Christmas!" Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Condi hasn't been reading the memos! She's not up on her Talking Points! She must really be distracted by the major things, like NSA spying on Americans, and didn't remember that a really vital source of support just got dissed again! Those who really think there is a war on Christmas! "Happy Holidays" is, like, the secret code word of those who are Against Christmas! And Condi said it! If you don't say Merry Christmas, you're one of THEM! Is Condi one of THEM?

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